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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Journey to Texas!

We began our trip after graduation on June 10th and after having lived with our lovely friends, the Smiths for a couple of days.

The first day we only made it to south of Seattle, but the second day we made it all the way to Sonoma, California!

Welcome to Oregon! (don't worry, the passenger took all pictures!)
Welcome to California!

We stayed at a beautiful hotel that was just down from Sonoma Square and just mere miles from wine tasting. Our third day, we took in some wineries and the Muir Woods. It was a gorgeous day and perfect to sit outside and enjoy some sunshine!

Muir Woods!

The first vineyard was gorgeous - so were the others!
The fourth day we made our way to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Grace Cathedral, Coit Tower, Lombard Street, and China Town.

Grace Cathedral
Lombard Street
Coit Tower
A Little Trolley Ride
China Town!
The fifth day we did Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz and then headed East through Yosemite National Park.

Seals on the wharf (they smelled bad!)
This is a redo from when I was in San Fran when I was 14!
Kenny is locked up!
Yosemite was BEAUTIFUL!

The sixth day we drove to south of the Grand Canyon.

Then the seventh day we saw the Grand Canyon via helicopter! Kenny surprised me since we didn't have much time to see it! I got to sit in the front with the pilot which was awesome, yet a little unnerving at points! Then we drove on to Sante Fe, NM.

Our view! (More pics, but you will have to come visit me to see them all ;))

The 8th day we drove to Las Vegas, NM to visit with Kenny's aunts and uncles and see where his mother grew up. Then we made our way to Albequerque to see UNM where Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn met and got married!

Uncle Robert, me, Kenny, Aunt Ada, and Uncle Joseph. Aunt Louise took the picture.

The 9th day we drove to Granbury, TX where we stayed with Kenny's grandparents and enjoyed a lovely dinner with the two of them.
Kenny, Papaw, and Ma!

Then on the 10th day we drove to Liberty, TX to see my aunts and uncles and pick up Kenny's truck.

Then FINALLY on the 11th day, we made it to Corpus Christi! It took an extra day to close on the house due to the sod being laid down late, but it has been great to finally be here and begin to get settled!

Getting the keys!
Finally in our new home!

Pictures of the house to come next!

My final day at North Whidbey Christian High School

As I search for a new job down here in Corpus, I cannot be too quick to forget my old school. My 7 US history students and my 1 algebra students and the 5 seniors that had to create and present senior projects under my supervision. It was a sad day to leave them as I have taught some of them for two years now and wish I were there to continue to teach them and watch them grow; however, it is better to leave with them loving you than to leave with them thinking "get the heck out!"

For all who were wondering, the boy on the left of the picture is my Algebra student.
My co-worker and sanity partner this year, Laura.
Now let the application process continue!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

we are in Santa Fe having just flown over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter - yeah, a helicopter. You could say we are bad to the bone, or just that it was part of my bday present that I didnt know I was getting! Let's just say, you should be jealous because it was spectacular, and I got to sit in the front seat!!! Kenny was even jealous of that part. It helps to not weigh much :)

Anywho, we will be traveling to Albuquerque tomorrow to see where Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn met, fell in love, and got married (along with other things), and then Friday it is on to Granbury, TX to see the grandparents. Some may say that a major reason I married Kenny was because of his grandparents (I don't have any alive), and those some may not be entirely wrong. Then we will wake up Saturday and head to Liberty, TX to get Kenny's car and see my extended family (YEAH!!!), then Sunday it is on to CORPUS CHRISTI!!!

We close on the house on Tuesday, so all warm thoughts and well wishes accepted. We should start moving in, if all goes well, a week from TODAY!

Hope y'all are having a great week! We are relearning to sweat, wear sunscreen and sunglasses. We miss those dearly in WA (there may have been some major tears), but are excited to see those in TX.

Don't worry, pics of all of this trip will happen once I am in a home and not living out of a small backpack.

Peace out from New Mexico,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Here is all our stuff...

It isn't in our Whidbey home... it is sitting out in the driveway in a big truck.

We had the home packed on Friday. Furniture was wrapped. Beds were taken apart. Mattresses were packaged. Then our friends swooped in, moved the stuff, and the truck was packed in about 3 hours.

The empty truck with our washer and dryer.
Getting all filled up!
The boys and the truck!

I was super helpful - I got pizza and beer and stayed out of the way. I have muscles, but not ones big enough to move things like our new fridge.

(Not exact picture, but you get the idea).

I kind of felt like the 3rd child again being told I was too little, but to be honest, this time it was a-okay with me to be too little.

Let's just hope we have such strong friends in Corpus!

I did spend my evening being productive. My friends and I went to walk for Relay for Life and raise money for kicking cancer's booty!

Thanks to our friends for their help and thanks to our families for your support and love during this crazy time!