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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Old Friends...

Because all posts should start with a cute picture of a cute dog...

As soon as school got out for Thanksgiving break, I packed my bag, left Kenny and Daisy at home (Daisy in charge of course), and headed to the airport bound for Whidbey.

After an unexpected delay, an unsuccessful sprint through the Dallas airport, and a long flight in the middle seat, I made it to three smiling faces at SEATAC!


Whitney, Jamie, and Kylie (Whitney's daughter) came to pick me up! Then we stopped at a Starbucks to meet with our friend Lara who was heading out for a Mexican cruise.

Then once we got to Jamie's house, we threw Whitney a surprise baby shower for baby girl Mumbach who will be here in April some time! Of course I forgot to take pictures until after the event (woops).

The next morning we met at Calico Cupboard for a yummy breakfast, took the kids bowling, and enjoyed some QT with old friends.

Cat and Carlos
Me, Kylie, and Whitney
Aunt Jamie and Carlos

On Monday, Whitney and I awoke to snow coming down in Oak Harbor and before we knew it we were stuck on Whidbey because Deception Pass bridge was closed.

It was a bit of an adventure, but it was amazing to go see old friends and to see the snow! I even got to see some of my students and just enjoy being super COLD :)

next up... Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trip to Liberty

So Daisy got her last set of shots this past week, so she could go out in the world a free puppy! The first thing she did was hit the salon (or Shear Heaven) to get a little spa treatment or haircut. I did not know that dogs god their hinies shaved, so when I picked her up, I was a bit traumatized. These are things people should worn me about before I experience them!

We then took Friday off of work to head up to Liberty, TX (momma's hometown) to surprise my cousins at the last home football game for Liberty High School! One cousin was playing saxophone in the band, one cousin was dancing as a prancer at her last football home game, and one cousin was dancing as a little prancer! High school football in Texas is a much bigger and better deal than what I experienced in high school, so I was excited to not only get to see family but to really experience this Texas tradition.

After a long drive, we surprised the cousins and were happily surprised that it was Senior night, so Emmie would be honored as a Co-Captain of the Prancers (dance team) and as a senior! Emmie is named after my mom (her first name is Susan), and my mom was a Prancer in high school, so it was extra special!

Uncle Mike, Emmie, and Aunt Cindy (mom's sister). Please notice the awesome white boots.
Emmie is in the middle of the first line, kicking to the left.
Emmie is smack-dab in the middle of the front row!
Lindsay (Liberty High Math teacher, cousin and Emmie's big sis), me, and Emmie, our Prancer!

Emmie's niece and my 2nd cousin, Natalie who is 6 got to get out on the field at half time too to dance as a little prancer. (Natalie, Lindsay's dauther and her favorite aunt Emmie!) Also, James, my second cousin did an awesome job leading all of the extra people in the band who came because it was friends and family night. James is the one middle with the green shirt and sax! Mom and my uncle played the sax in the Liberty High School Band!

It was a real proud evening! We weren't close to family in Washington, so we made our own. Living in Texas, it has been awesome to get to be there for special moments and love on family members. I can't wait for even more exciting events like high school graduations and proms!

And because we have to have a shout out to my Uncle Paul (mom's brother) who not only housed us and fed us but loved on Daisy like any good great-uncle would. His own dog, Dusty, was a little jealous at times because as you can see, Daisy likes to take over people's laps. :)
Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Daisy would say hello, but she is too tired from her exciting weekend away.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A little Arizona time

Kenny and I left Daisy (gasp) to go to a wedding in Phoenix a couple of weekends ago. Daisy stayed at the house with our good friends, and we hit the town with Kenny's fraternity brothers. Chris was one of our groomsmen and Kenny's fraternity brothers. We flew in and met everyone at the rehearsal dinner at Grimaldi's pizza.

Ben, Kenny, and Abe - just missing the groom

Then the next day we went to see Kenny's childhood home and cruise his old neighborhood. It was neat to see that it was still there and to see the elementary school Christine went to!

Then the wedding was at a beautiful manor, and it was fun to get dressed up and dance the night away with old friends!

We are so excited for Chris and Kristin and their future together!
The Pi Lams - Ron, Abe, Clee (groom), Kenny, and Ben

Bride and Groom!

And because we know you always want to see the cutie puppy. Here she is :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I can sit pretty

My parents would like to apologize for the lack of posting of how darn cute I am. They are busy trying to get me to potty outside and not on their tile floor and not eat their crocs. I have become a little curious about shoes (especially shoe laces and flip flops) and rugs. I have also lost my first baby teeth this week. I have not received any payment for the teeth from the tooth fairy since I ate them. Woops. In other news, I now only have to potty once at night and am about 15 pounds (up from my 9 lbs at arrival in Corpus). I like to eat dirt and snuggle, and I have recently discovered rawhide bones. Wooooweee are they amazing! Molly is busy teaching 8th grade kids about US History and snuggling me at night while Kenny is busy in grad school. Kenny has finished his IUT training, so now he just waits to get to fly with his first students here in Corpus!

Hope you all are doing well,
Daisy Vaughn

Friday, September 24, 2010

happy birthday mom (aka, my personal penguin)!

I can't let today pass without giving a shout out to the woman who raised me since it is her natal day!

Mom, I hope you have had a great day despite having a bike fall off the end of the car while driving on the interstate. At least you get to be with Maeve and Will who think you are amazing (and are right about that) and hopefully eat some yummy salsa. We are sorry we can't be there to celebrate with you and let you snuggle Daisy. Know that we are grateful for all that you do for us from clipping doggy treat coupons to sending me countless packages with teaching stuff to being my personal penguin. We love you lots and hope that the day is just as special as you!

Molly, Kenny, and Daisy

and for your own personal enjoyment, please read this book. warning: it may make you sob like a baby, but its good.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our sweet puppy

Daisy arrived a week ago Friday on Sept 10th. The previous day had been Kenny's birthday (sorry about no post. A full time job really limits me.)

Oh and here I am on my first day of school...

So back to Daisy. Her flight out of Houston was delayed, so although we arrived in San Antonio to get her at 8:30pm, she did not get to us until 11:15pm. She was a wee bit traumatized, and I think a little wary of these two eager people who were constantly calling her Daisy. However, when we let her out to pee, she was bounding like a happy pup. The whole ride home from San Antonio was quiet with her on my lap and Kenny driving.

Her first week has been fun/tiring/exciting. She had her first vet appointment with our neighbor who said she was the cutest pup there that day. (Duh) She has successfully pottied outside a lot and had few accidents inside. She has learned to love her toys and her crate to sleep in. She has won the hearts of all around, and she has webcamed with one set of grandparents and her cousins Maeve and William. Maeve declared that Daisy is a cutie-patootie and I do have to say I agree.

She has been a wonderful addition to our family and a perfect companion when Kenny is at work or at school. (especially on those days when 8th grade students are not so fun.) She is my little snuggle bug.

Monday, September 6, 2010

She will be ours on Friday!

dont you just love her? she arrives in san antonio on friday, and we will go get her sweet little self!

You may come visit her if you would like :) Oh, and her name is Daisy. Daisy Vaughn.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What we've been up to...

Has been LOTS! Once I found out I got the job, my sister, niece, and nephew came to Corpus. We had a great time hanging out and going to the beach. We even had the joy of having my Aunt and cousins come on down to see Meg and our new home!

Aunt Molly taught Maeve how to make Sangria - an important life skill.
Will being a big boy in the big chair. Please note his Virginia pajamas.
Maeve on the beach. We "broke" waves, played with sand diggers, and sweated A LOT.
Meg, Will (who LOVES planes) and Uncle Kenny
Someone was in heaven on Uncle Kenny's lap
Maeve found these bandaids I had been meaning to give her of lips. They were in purple - her FAVORITE color.
Then my parents came my first week of in-service as a new teacher! They were great help in getting my room set up and cutting out letters for my bulletin boards. I, of course, was too busy to take pictures, but trust me that they came and had fun! We even took a trip up to Liberty and Bridge City where what we call "Camp" is. This was the first camp experience for Kenny and my Dad! Still no pictures, but forgive me since I am new to this full time working gig!
Then this week, Kenny's parents came in town for a visit! They had a great time eating a little Whataburger and seeing the sights. They too were super supportive and patient with my hectic schedule and late evenings; however, we were able to get in some quality hanging out and good food! Still no pics. Phil took some though, so there is proof that they were here!

Now school starts tomorrow, and I will make Kenny take my first day of school picture. Too bad I wont be rocking the side ponytail, but I will be doing important things like regulating on 8th grade boys who smell badly. :)

My brother and I on my first day of school in 1st grade. Yeah, I was cool. Nice elastic waist pants Bo.
Hope everyone is having a great end to their summer!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I will be

working at a Junior High School as of August 6th!

I will be a Hustlin' Hornet teaching US History to 8th graders and Texas History to 7th graders at Flour Bluff Junior High School!

I am still in shock and can't wait to start this adventure. Public school, here I come!

Monday, July 19, 2010

You think your husband is cool...

does yours do his yard chores with his sweatband on his head? if not, then he isn't nearly as cool as my husband. And did your hubby just buy a really cool trimmer Lowes? Did he buy really awesome anti-spider fertilizer for his new sod? Because mine did... and he is loving every moment.

please note that I was sitting on our back patio reading a good book in my bathing suit. this is the life...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pictures of the House

Since I know you all are dying to see pictures of the house. We finally put pictures up in the bedroom, and so I finally took pictures. We still have the relatively empty breakfast area, but it will be decorated soon enough!

So without further ado, our new home...
The study - where all of the work is done and the airplane paraphernalia hangs out.
Guest Bathroom if you wish to visit.
The guest room if you choose to visit. The chalkboard says, "Welcome to the Vaughn's." Courtesy of Grandma Buchanan. Furniture courtesy of Grandma Henry.
If you don't find yourself in this photo montage, it isn't complete, so don't feel left out. Plus, you might be in our living room :)
This is our dining room. Thanks to Val for our amazing artwork and to Phil and Carol for our amazing print of UVA!
Our living room. The cut out is the hallway to the master bedroom.
Living room and looking into the empty breakfast area/kitchen.
Kitchen from the dining room.
Kitchen from the breakfast area.
Our Bedroom
Our master bath and closet in the back.
Our patio and outdoor furniture from world market.
Hope you all enjoyed and are enticed to come visit and enjoy our outdoor furniture and guest bedroom!

When we get the rather empty breakfast area filled, I will update pictures!