two people, one dog, and one baby figuring out life in Hawaii

Monday, August 10, 2009

Trip to San Diego!

Kenny and I headed to San Diego to have a little get-away after his deployment. We left early Thursday morning, and after an adventurous day of travel, we finally made it to sunny San Diego!

After grabbing our bag back at the airport (it had decided to take a longer stay in Salt Lake City), we went to Pacific Beach for dinner and sunset.
Then Friday we got up, walked to our local Starbucks and enjoyed a lovely breakfast and coffee. THEN we went to the most amazing place on earth (by my standards) the San Diego Zoo! This place was spectacular. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but I could have stayed there all day and come back again to hang out with the animals. Anyone who goes to San Diego, hit up the zoo also because you can bring your own food into the park.
I think there might be some "true wild asses" in America too... just a thought...
After the park, we hit up the beach on Coronado Island and had a yummy dinner at a Mexican place. Then enjoyed a lovely evening on the rooftop of our hotel drinking some pinot grigio. Then we decided that we needed some dessert. Well they have an amazing place called Yogurtland - fill up a cup with one of 15 flavors and then add all of the toppings you want! Lipsmacking good!

Saturday we hit up SeaWorld to see Shampoo (as Maeve would say) or Shamu to you other people. We got to see the cheesy show "Believe." It was pretty spectacular! Then we saw penguins and stingrays and sharks, oh my! But since we didn't have to pay, we skipped out early to get an In-and-Out burger. (AMAZING!) No pictures because a certain person forgot the camera (me).

Then we hit up Point Loma from which you can see two of the Navy bases in San Diego and then hit up the beach.
The end of our day was spent watching the Padres play the Mets from the viewing deck of our friends' apartment building. The five of us thoroughly enjoyed a fun evening grilling and catching up like good wahoos do :)
Now it is back to the real world and prepping for the school year and Kenny getting back to work. Next big event - UNCLE PAUL COMES to VISIT!!! He arrives Saturday before he heads on a cruise with his big sister and brother-in-law (aka my mom and dad). Bless his heart :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome Home!!!

Yesterday around 2:15pm, Kenny's plane arrived in Washington! The coolest part was that we got to watch Kenny and his crew land the plane, taxi, and unload. During this process, the three of us who were there waiting took pictures since we were th three pilot wives. Well, this got us in a wee bit of trouble to say the least. We had two military police come up to us just as they were going to let us through the turnstile onto the flight line. After being told to delete our pictures, having to go get our IDs, tell them our addresses, and our husbands middle names, then we got to go through the turnstiles to see our husbands. YEAH!!!

So despite being sick with a cold, Kenny is home!

May the other husbands get home soon too!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Someone Comes Home Soon!

Hopefully he gets home TOMORROW! Keep your fingers crossed for a safe and speedy return!

And then it is hopefully on to a little getaway to San Diego for the weekend!!