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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Navy!

October 13th was the Navy's Birthday! VQ-1 decided to make the Navy Birthday Ball a mandatory fun event. So all gussied up we got!
Saturday, Kenny and I headed up to Anacortes to hang out and get our hair done (well, not Kenny). Jamie, her fun friend Lindsay, and I headed to an afternoon of getting dolled up! It was a bit of a process to get beautiful. I don't know that I have ever had such big hair, but I am just prepping for moving to Texas possibly. Big HAAIR!

The Big HAIR...

The finished product!
Then it was time to get the digs on and head to the pre-party. Since we like to hang out with the Saxtons so much, we stopped by their abode for a photo op. Thank goodness that Beth always has a camera!

The two lovely couples!
The girls! (Me, Carter, and Beth!)
At the pre-party at the XO's house, we enjoyed getting to see everyone all dressed up. I love the casual living of the Pacific Northwest, but it is always fun to get a little dressed up. :)

My ladies: Lindsay, Jamie, Amy, Me, Beth, Whitney, and Lara

My second main squeeze at the event and I. It's great to have a pregnant friend because you have an excuse to sit down!

My hot date :)
The actual ball was not exactly what I was expecting. Let's just say that as Momma B would say, "You can't buy class." I did luckily get to sit next to Beth and my handsome husband, and I got to do a little dancing with my main squeeze (that would be Kenny). Plus, I got to wear my prom dress again! It was nice to celebrate the Navy's birthday and have a classy date out on the town with some great friends. Thanks to Beth for taking pictures, being DD, and always being my buddy! And thanks to Jamie for doing my makeup and setting up a day of beautifying!

Happy Birthday Navy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few things off the checklist...

We have been making a to-do list of things needed to be done before we leave for the great state of Texas. This weekend we crossed off two!
I get that from my mother. So Kenny packed his pack and waited for his friends to pick him up because they were heading to a weekend of roughing it in the Olympic Mountains. Kenny has wanted to go camping in Washington since we moved here, however, getting a campsite in the summer is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. These Washingtonians are super outdoorsy. (Plus, with the Navy it is pretty hard to plan one's weekends.) However, Kenny decided that it might be fun to go to one of the campsites that you have to hike about 4 miles to and then camp. For this little adventure, I suggested that he find some friends who would like to go with him because I am a wimp. I like camping outside and hiking, but I don't like being cold! Mind you, none of the other boys were as prepared as my Eagle Scout, but somehow they survived the arduous hike and sleeping in 20 degree weather. (no thanks) The next morning, the boys hiked to the top of a ridge to see Hurricane Ridge and then made their way back down to the car. He came back pretty smelly, but so happy that he had gotten to experience camping in the wilderness of Washington!

The Camper is ready...
Stay warm!
Kenny and his crew.We have gotten our pumpkins every Halloween season at Dugualla Bay farm, so this year, we had to do the same! It is our last time to do that here in Washington which is so bittersweet. I did find my pumpkin right away, but we looked for a while before leaving our favorite pumpkin patch!

Someone is sad that Corpus might not have such a fun pumpkin patch....
We ran into some friends at the pumpkin patch who so kindly took our picture!
Our finds!
Just wait until we carve those pumpkins! They are going to be sweet!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is HERE!!!

So fall has arrived! The windy days with no sun. The rain that mists at you. Welcome Whidbey Fall!

And with the arrival of fall comes the arrival of fall boots... the UGG boots have made their debut already as has the puffy vest. And because my husband is such a sweet man and knew that my boots were falling apart (and I had bought them my junior year of high school), I got a new pair of boots! They are "ugly as sin" according to him, but I LOVE them!

Here they are in all of their sassy-ness!Aren't they pretty??

Hope you all are loving fall, too!