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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A weekend of TULIPS!

Kenny and I made our annual trip to the tulip festival this weekend with our good friends the Smiths! The tulips were gorgeous as always, and it was AWESOME to see some sunshine!
We are SO excited to see sunshine! YEAH!!!!
We like to call ourselves twins because everything in our lives lines up even the fact that we were DARE role models.
Kenny and I with the tulips. Had I sniffed them like Kenny, I would be dead from allergies. I am trying not to breathe in this picture.
The Smiths...
The boys.
Such a great weekend and such gorgeous flowers! The Pacific Northwest certainly has some gorgeous places!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trip to Olympia

As a graduate student, I was told to never expect to go on a field trip. Well boy were they wrong. We have already taken our kids on three this year and have one more during May. This past Wednesday, my colleagues and I took 10 kids down to Olympia (Washington's state capital) to have a tour. Although my students are just taking World History when the school only has 12 full-time students, you take them all!

So we got up at 5:10 to make it to school by 6am to leave school by 6:15am. Now, my friend, Candie, and I decided that we would go in my car since we all couldn't fit in the 15 passenger van. Well when two students didn't show up, technically we COULD have all fit in the van, but we quickly hopped in my car and got going to avoid being stuck in a van with stinky high school students! We started driving behind the van - pictured below, but we quickly realized that the driver was swaying in the lane. We soon became the lead car.
The capital is about 3 hours away from where we live, so getting there was a long trip. However, Candie and I were all alone in the car, so we had a great three hour trip!

We met up with the students and went on a tour of the Capital building getting to see the legislative building including both Senate and Representative Chambers. We came at the end of the legislative session, so it was a busy busy time! We were fortunate enough to meet both Island County representatives and chat with them briefly.The inside of the capital is beautiful with five different types of marble and a gold chandelier that has survived 5 earthquakes.We then made our way over to the Temple of Justice where the kids got to do a short mock court as though they were the Washington State Supreme Court. Finally, we got to take a brief tour of the Governor's mansion that was gorgeous, but sadly no photos are allowed of the inside. It was a great day, but boy was I tired afterwards. And, I think I had forgotten that high school boys smell when they have been walking around all day. P. U.!

Here are some of the kids looking oh so excited...
And these two were kind of an item for like 5 minutes....
My parting note is that no offense to these west coast people, but I am really partial to my east coast capitals! How can you compete with Richmond... you cant. But nice try Olympia!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I should be planning a lesson right now...

but alas, I am not! We had a jammed packed weekend, so I figured that I would share!

Friday night we had take out from one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants at which they make their tortillas fresh. They are heavenly. I had to snap a picture of Kenny with his burrito because it was HUGE. Think size of a small baby. It took two days to finish that burrito, but here he is doing his best to conquer it.Then Saturday we woke up early to make our way to Seattle to support one of the youth group girls who was getting confirmed. This was a bit of a "different" service which I was not really prepared for when told that I would be going to the Cathedral for the diocese. But, as my mother said, "Different strokes for different folks." Amen, mommacita.

The inside of the Cathedral (normal looking... looks can be deceiving!)
LaTynia and her Great-Grandmother being presented for confirmation:
LaTynia getting officially confirmed!So after getting a little JC in our systems, we headed to get a smoothie and to go to the Gas Works park in Seattle which is this neat little park on Lake Union. We sat there in the sunshine (but not much warmth) for a bit and enjoyed getting to be outside for a little. It is always fun to share in these cool places that Seattle has to offer despite us not living there. Plus it helps that we have a little GPS system on our phones to get us there without much worry (hint, hint Mom!)
The Park:

The Cathedral from the Park:
The Space Needle from the Park:
Us with Lake Union behind us:
Then we went outlet shopping at JCrew which was a real success when you get a $50 sweater for $8! Talk about a steal!

Then it was on to dinner with friends at one of our favorite places, Seeds. YUM! Then we promptly passed out when we got home; hence why I am NOT motivated to do school work. I need a day off ;)

Well shoot, now I am done... darn... back to the scientific revolution...Galileo anyone?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Linner!

After much deliberation, Kenny and I decided to host an Easter Linner at our house this year. We hosted such an event last year with my sister and fam in tow, but this year we needed to surround ourselves with friends who are like family since we didn't have any family to celebrate with!

So we sent out the invites and crossed our fingers that people would want to come... Luckily most said yes! We cooked some yummy green beans and rolls and prepped the prime rib which our friends cooked for us so we could go celebrate Jesus. Then everyone else brought yummy sides from deviled eggs, to potato salad, to corn pudding, to broccoli casserole, to mac and cheese. It was DELICIOUS! I even made the Buchanan traditional Bunny Cake...
My favorite part that barely anyone touched (which was understandable because there was SO much food and I didn't mind because it is my FAVORITE part of any meal) is....Lip-smacking good. My mom even sent me the can that she had bought for Christmas that we hadn't gotten a chance to eat. (The expiration date was still many months off, I promise.)

My sister also sent us lovely tulips to make our house festive and spring-like on Easter! It was a lovely day filled with friends and food. Thanks to all who made the day brighter and filled it with love!Kenny even got a little QT with two cute little ladies. :) We might have left him upstairs with the two of them for a while...Thanks Maeve for training him!
May the joy and hope of Easter brighten your day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A little Good Friday...(x 2)

I got the pleasure of attending two Good Friday services. The first was with my students and the entire student body of Oak Harbor Christian School and many of their parents. The students put on the service which included singing, playing guitars, and scripture readings. I had been approached on Monday to see if I was interested in being Mary, mother of Jesus during the service. Well, one does not say no to the principal of one's school. So I put on my big girl pants and did it. I had to write my own script and wear a costume. I "performed" as Mary watching her son being crucified after the man who was Peter and before the man who was the Centurion. I was brief in my remarks as I would think any woman watching her son be nailed to a cross would be, and to be honest, I thought this was going to be a painful and awful experience. It really wasn't terrible. My heart did beat like crazy before I got up there in front of everyone, but it was so neat to be with my kids and to share that experience with them. Also, a huge thank you to Momma B for forcing me to not only write speeches in forensics but for also forcing me to continue in public speaking. This was an awesome service especially since I have not necessarily felt like I "fit in" with the school's views. I felt like I was where I was supposed to be. I was showing my students that women can be strong, women can be leaders, women can be fearless, and women can love God. I also hope that I showed them that we can come from different places but all agree that God is love and loves us all because we are His. So after a surprisingly uplifting and warm-fuzzy feeling afternoon, I headed home to scoop up my hubby to head to our church's service.

We headed to Christ Church for the "prayer around the cross" service which was a taize service that included scripture readings, prayer, lighting of candles, and taize music. It was pretty moving. Kenny had never been to such a service, so it was a great way to end Good Friday services with experiencing this powerful night with the husband.

Then, the best part was that we got to go on a date to this yummy Italian restaruant called Il Posto. A good glass of wine, a delicious meal, scrumptious tiramasu (sp?) and great company equaled the best Good Friday!

More to come on our Easter Linner!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Week

Holy Week has always been my favorite week of the year. Strange I know. My favorite week is the week in which Jesus is crucified. BUT I have always loved the services of the week and the emotions and the connection to God I feel each and every Holy Week. Last year, I had the blessing of my sister and her family visiting me, but since we had a 1 year old, we missed out on most of Holy Week except Easter Sunday. This year, Kenny is home, and we are getting to do all of Holy Week in our church here in Washington (that is teeny tiny compared to my church in VB). So tonight we headed to Maundy Thursday services with my friend Candie filled with a little bit of anxiety over what the service would be and hoping it would not disappoint. Maundy Thursday Service is like the BEST service next to Easter and Feast of Lights in my book. The readings are so powerful. The washing of feet is so moving. The stripping of the altar always gets me choked up. I had some tough standards to live up to. Well Christ Church did NOT disappoint. First we started with a meal which we blessed together, and then as we ate, people stood to read passages from the Bible. When the 8 year old that I have been working with at church stood up and read with great confidence his passage, my heart just swelled. This little man who has so many personal struggles just showed the power of God's love and strength through his reading. Then three of my high school girls read their passages in front of the dinner guests. It was powerful to hear these young women speak of Moses and Jesus and the wonder that is God's love. Then Kenny read a passage from Exodus about God protecting Moses and his people from Pharaoh's army. It gave me shivers. So the night started off great and got better. Sprinkled throughout the readings were quotes from church figures, historical figures, and everyday people about the power of God's love and the purpose of being Christian. Well the history nerd in me rejoiced!
Now, we did not do foot washing which to be honest is fine with me because I never get my feet washed. I am a more watch and see kind of girl when it comes to that, but I always love seeing the priests whom we look up to begin the foot washing and then pass it along to others. However, Christ Church did discuss the importance of foot washing during the time of Jesus.
Then we went outside to hear the reading from Mark when Judas betrays Jesus, and then we walked silently into the church and watched as the altar was stripped of the candles, linens, crosses, etc. Now, this sanctuary is about 1/3 of the size of my home church so it didn't take nearly the same amount of time, but as they dimmed the lights, the message was still there. When Jesus was arrested and his disciples fled, he was alone and in a dark place, yet he was not. God was with him like he is with us always. He will sustain us through those dark and lonely moments and rejoice with us during those blessings. During Holy Week, may you remember your blessings in life and that God is always with you even when you feel abandoned. We are His and in Him we are one...

We sang this tonight and it always moves me. May you enjoy it as well....

One bread, one body, One Lord of all,
One cup of blessing which we bless.
And we, though many, throughout the earth,
We are one body in this one Lord.

Gentile or Jew, Servant or free,
Woman or man, No more.

One bread, one body, One Lord of all,
One cup of blessing which we bless.
And we, though many, throughout the earth,
We are one body in this one Lord.

Many the gifts, Many the works,
One in the Lord, Of all.

One bread, one body, One Lord of all,
One cup of blessing which we bless.
And we, though many, throughout the earth,
We are one body in this one Lord.

Grain for the fields, Scattered and grown,
Gathered to one, For all.

One bread, one body, One Lord of all,
One cup of blessing which we bless.
And we, though many, throughout the earth,
We are one body in this one Lord.

Here is the link to the song if you'd Linklike to hear it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For those of you who didn't get to come see the house...

We took some pictures of the house we were taking care of last week. Granted these pictures were taken on my phone and before I realized the plastic was still on the back of the phone. Woops! In my defense, we had placed one of those snazzy rubber protectors on the phone so that if I drop it it wont get hurt; therefore, I had no idea there was plastic on the back of the phone... But I digress. Here is the stunning home and one of my new BFF and I.

The view from the back
The kitchen
The living room
The office (which is identical on the other side as well... amazing bookshelves!)
The Master BathThe Dining Room (I would LOVE for that many books and those bookshelves!)

My new BFF and I. We became close since you know I had to wake up at 6am to take her to go potty and then we spent lots of time inside snuggling since the rain was pretty much constant ! I miss her, but I dont miss going out in the cold, wind, and rain at 6am!
We have missed our luxurious home in the sense that I could dabble on the baby grand piano and enjoy the heated floors when it was SOOOO cold last week. However, there is nothing like home among your own things and and in your own bed. Also, on our last day, we were attacked by carpenter ants that supposedly emerge each year. So I guess even if you do have a gorgeous home, there can be some not so glamorous things about it!

We are currently enjoying sunshine and 60 degree weather which is AWESOME! And although the rain is supposed to return on Thursday, we are savoring every ray of sunshine on our back porch with a tall glass of lemonade!

Hope you all are having sunshine!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We have not fallen off the face of the earth...

but we are house sitting and dog sitting on Fidalgo Island which is the island just north of us. I would say, "Oh it is soooo far from our home," but really it is just about 15 minutes from our home. It just feels so long because we have to drive down the two-lane highway all the way up the end of Whidbey and cross over deception pass. However, what is waiting for us when we get to the house is the sweetest puppy I have ever met. I have never had a pet unless you count a goldfish from the fair, so for me to say that she is super sweet, well that means she is SUPER sweet.

Here she is:

This little pup is a labradoodle and her name is Maya. She and I have become best buds. We have gone for walks, played fetch, taken a ride in Kenny's truck, chased after rabbits (okay, only Maya did that but she dragged me along), and snuggled on the couch. Thankfully, Maya does NOT lick faces because then we would not be best buds. I have decided though that I am not ready for the full-time committment of a doggie because I feel so incredibly guilty for leaving her at home. She lives in a swanky home with heated floors, so really she is pretty darn lucky for not having to be outside in the DREARY Pacific Northwest weather, but I still feel guilty. It's those darn puppy eyes...they get me every time!

Now for a little update on the rest of our lives... I am on spring break and barely getting anything done (the puppy is eyeing me again...I better hurry up on this). Kenny and I added me to his Sprint plan. We are officially married now. :) We have also gone skiing at Steven's Pass which was beautiful and so much fun. I am finally conquering the bigger/harder trails! Kenny has been working his hiny off attempting to get every pre-req done for his instructor pilot training that starts the Monday after Easter. Though this is good, Maya misses him. Those puppy eyes again... The moment he walks in, she is next to him wagging her tail and licking his flight suit.

Well the puppy eyes are staring, so I am off to snuggle and pray that the rain goes away so we can go walking! We definitely need a good rabbit chase today!

ps. Maya's parents are in Cabo where it is 80 and sunny today... just a wee bit jealous...