two people, one dog, and one baby figuring out life in Hawaii

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August in a nutshell...

Doggie play dates with our friend Gus.

Annual trip to Camp in Bridge City, Texas with the Fosters, Henrys, Buchanans, VanEttas, and Vaughns.

Lots of swimming in Aunt Cindy's pool.

Playing "Staw Wars Wegos" with Uncle Kenny
Attending the beautiful wedding of Meghan Tighe.
(my dates: Bridget, Lizzy, and Annie)
(A favorite picture of us enjoying the awesome band)
The Lambda Gamma Chi Omegas!

Now school starts tomorrow. I have to go to bed so that I can scare the pee out of 7th and 8th grade students. We all have to have a goal, right?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

School has started

which means my life is not my own... dog days of summer are over sadly.

However, this weekend, I am escaping the heat of Corpus to attend the wedding of a dear friend of mine. Meghan Tighe soon to be Schorr will always have a near and dear place in my heart as she was definitely one of my best friends in college. She stuck by me, drank wine with me, was my date to date functions, chatted late at night over baked cheetos, ate at El Puerto with me, wrote me sweet letters when I was in the fun known as grad school, came to visit me while Kenny was deployed, and most importantly is someone who I will always cherish.

So to Tiggie on her wedding weekend, love you and can't wait to see how life unfolds for you and Dan as you conquer the world!