two people, one dog, and one baby figuring out life in Hawaii

Friday, April 18, 2014

15 Months!

Our little lady is 15 months old! 

She is 25 pounds and got her first upper respiratory infection. She got to be pumped up with some steroids and got a vaporizer in her room for her 15 month birthday. But the real celebration was that Annie's grandma and grandpa came to visit! (Kenny's mom and dad). Then we all traveled to Maui for a little family getaway!

Grandpa and Grandma arrived! 

Vaughns head to Maui!
Hit up the beach and the aquarium on Maui!

Annie has become a seasoned walker over the last couple of months and a booty dropper. She loves her music class and our free dance time. We have been working it out at stroller strides and playing at the park often before class.

We also went to the splash park with our play group buddies.

We have also transitioned to one nap which has given us lots of time to hang out in the morning with our buds and go for hikes with daddy!

We also have had the best time getting our molars! (Not) 

But we love our little Annie and her silly faces and sweet hugs. 

Love you Annie!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy 1 Year!

We celebrated our little lady as a family on the natal day! We took Annie to her favorite beach and practiced walking up and down.

She also got to have pizza and a whole foods cupcake! It was a gorgeous day to just reminisce about our sweet Annie's entrance into the world.

Then we had a fun get together that was owl themed. I took very few pictures but it was such a great time of kids running in the backyard, all the dads being home, and great conversation! 

And someone loved her cupcake!

She also received a lei for her birthday!

We have loved being Annie's parents. It has certainly been the hardest, most rewarding, most blessed year of our lives. We have learned so much about ourselves and will surely learn more in the coming years, but year one has been so fun to see Annie grow, change, and get such a fun personality! She is our sunshine and the greates gift we have received (other than daisy of course!)

Thanks for all the love and support throughout year one! Now onto year 2!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

11 months

So one day before the big birthday I will get this post up! (You are welcome, mom :)). 

11 months came right before our big trip east for the holidays. We were busy packing and prepping, so forgive the delay. 

Annie was up to lots!
- Learning to scoot on her hiny! 
- standing up more
- laughing lots
- scowling at people and then breaking into laughter 
- saying good bye to daddy for his second deployment
- saying baa baa, dada, momma
- got better with stranger danger
- got better with new animals
- 2 teeth total
- wears 18 month clothing
- shows momma when she is displeased!

Practicing for winter weather
1st duke game of the season
More beach time!
Scooting on our toosh!
Silly faces
First thanksgiving!
1st time wearing jeans (little tight)
New car seat!
We turn 1 tomorrow!!! Crazy!!!

Stay tuned :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

10 months!

How fast did that month go? This month we have loved settling into our new house. Annie has had lots of changes this month!

We have our first tooth! Bottom left tooth came in during a pre thanksgiving celebration. She was super fun at that meal. ;) 

Annie is eating more finger foods as she likes to use her chompers. (Number 2 tooth just popped thru).

Annie also loves standing. She is just now holding onto the couch herself, but she loves to be on those feet. Her walker has become a more favorite toy.

Also she dressed up as a lady bug for Halloween!

Zoo visit! Rhinos!
Chilling w her sister!
Finger foods!
Crazy kid!
Beach time!
Family fun!

Friday, October 25, 2013

We've moved! (Again)

We decided early on to wait for base housing, so we moved into our temporary lodging. Also known as the 1st floor of our friends house. We had an interesting time with base housing and ultimately decided to stay living out in town. However our temporary place was too small with only two rooms and half our stuff in storage. So the search for a new place began. After literally a week of looking, we hit the jackpot. A three bedroom with a huge living area and great backyard. It wasn't available until my parents came in town which was also great to have their help! 

So a little tour:
Living room:
It has access to backyard and carport. It is connected to our kitchen.
And opposite of the kitchen is a little sitting area that we have made Annie's play area:
Which opens up onto the dining room:
There is a hallway with a bathroom and guest bedroom (which isn't done yet). Then there is our room:
And tucked in the back is Annie's room:
Our backyard has a great breeze and a lanai (patio) to hang out on and drink Mai tais. 😄

We hope to have many visitors! The guest bedroom will be complete as of Monday when our new mattress comes! Then we will begin taking reservations....