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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Hey YOU! You don't know her!!!"

So I went to the wading pool today with my good friends Beth, Carter, Whitney, and Kylie. The fabulous five of us ate our little lunch and then put our feet in the little pool. It was such a blessing since it has been hotter than hell here, and there hasn't been much of a breeze. Pretty much being inside is like sitting in a sauna all day. Good for cleaning out your pores, but hard to sit in all day. There is no AC in Washington, so a day at the pool was much needed. Now, I know that I was the "one not like the other: by not having a kid, but I love my friends kids. I love getting to hang out with these wee people. BUT I have decided that I do not like other people's children. Other people's children take toys, spray you and are just generally rude. Have manners been lost on these people?

It pretty much can be summed up by this episode. Beth goes to retrieve the dive rings with Carter, so that we can clean up and leave. Now she has to go retrieve these because other kids have taken them without asking. (Beth does not have ruffled feathers about this, just me who does not have a kid). While doing this, a girl who has a super soaker like gun is standing about 2 feet away. This little girl has just been told by her grandmother that it is time to leave. The little girl looks at her grandmother and says, "Just a minute!" Then the little girl pumps her water gun, aims at Beth (who is in her workout clothing, not bathing suit), and shoots her square in the chest. I proceed to yell, "HEY YOU! YOU DON'T KNOW HER!!!" This little girl is unphased. She is so lucky that I did not pull a Momma Buchanan and grab her up by the arm and drag her out of that pool all the while telling her that she is disrespectful, rude, and will fail at life for being 7 and such a terrible child. She is SO lucky that she doesn't know me because woooooweee would she have gotten a verbal wooping. The grandmother did absolutely nothing. She did not even apologize to Beth or make the kid apologize to Beth. How RUDE!

So the observations from today can lead to this conclusion: Other children should be aware of Molly Vaughn who will discipline you within an inch of your life if you do not behave well. And then I will discipline your parents for their ineptness at being parents.

Disclaimer: I know that I should not judge parents since I am not one; however, nobody messes with my friends. I don't care if you are 7 or 70. I might be small, but I am full of sass. Don't mess.

the end. :)

Disclaimer #2: I have written this as a crabby hot lady who just had sweat roll down her legs as she sat in her house. ew.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Social Coordinator

is named Beth Saxton. It really is fabulous for someone to say, "Hey, this is what we are doing today, and I will pick you up." It is kind of like getting to skate through life knowing that each day will have a little adventure and all I have to do is be willing to go for the ride! So to Beth, I say thank you.

We have had repeat 4th of July dinner followed by watching Cinderella.

We have had a morning at the park followed by lunch at quiznos. (We were supposed to go to the wading pool, but it was cloudy and about 50 degrees outside).

We have gone raspberry picking with our friends! (Beth is in red hat)
(Picture courtesy of Beth - another perk- your fun times are documented!)

And tonight we have a spaghetti dinner and watching High School Musical!

Then TOMORROW we are going to Taco del Mar (lips smacking for my kids quesadilla with a side of guac and diet coke for less that $5) and seeing The Hangover at the base theater for FREE!

I am telling you. If you don't have a social coordinator, get one. Each day you will have fun, be with good friends, get to laugh, and just enjoy the blessings of life. Plus, having a social coordinator when your husband is gone just makes those days tick away in no time!

So Beth, thanks for your hard work and efforts at being my social coordinator. And Carter (Beth's four year old little girl) thanks for your constant entertainment. Last night when you told me that your favorite drink was a margarita I nearly wet myself.

Now go get a social coordinator!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the end of the Virginia Trip

Well I am back in Washington, but the end of my trip to Virginia was full of excitement and fun!

My sorority sister came to visit and made three wonderful days that made it hard to say goodbye! Mom and I tried to convince her that hanging out with us was way more fun than moving into her new apartment in NYC. But no luck...

Then Meg and I threw my parents a 40th anniversary party at which THIRTY of their friends came to celebrate their love. The day was beautiful, the food was good, and the guests of honor were super cute!

Here are some pictures of the set up...
And here is Will making his move on Mrs. Vaughn and Christine!

Then it was time to pack and head back to the West Coast. Thanks to all who made the effort to see me especially the Vaughns!

Now we have about two weeks until the greatest reunion!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


There are some people in this world that just get you... and one of those people is coming to Virginia Beach TOMORROW!
Meghan Tighe - I CANNOT WAIT to see YOU!

I just hope that I can sleep tonight...

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Be Proud to Be an American!

Just a funny story for you to enjoy on this day we celebrate our independence and our right to be free!

Text Message from my mother: I shot a squirrel with the hose.

Text Message from me: Did it die?

Text Message from my mother: No, it ran away.

Text Message from me: You are special.

Text Message from my mother: The squirrel is back. We are using the supersoaker.

This is what we all have to look forward to in retirement. Shooting squirrels with supersoakers who are trying to steal your bird food.

Enjoy your day of hotdogs and red, white, and blue!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I spent 24 hours in the most blessed of places... The University (of Virginia). Some people love where they went to college, but I LOVE where I went to college. My sister and brother went here. I met my husband here. I met the most amazing women in my life here. Kenny proposed to me here. And it doesn't hurt that this place is just gosh darn BEAUTIFUL!

So here is the Rotunda and the Lawn where I spent my afternoon chatting with my sorority sister and roomie for two years, Pember. Then as I sat on the Lawn, I saw 12 other sorority sisters one of whom was getting married in the chapel. The excitement!

Then I met up with my first year hallmate and 2nd year roomie to attend the wedding of our lovely first year hallmate Courtney Williams (now Zeifle!) We had the honor of greeting everyone at the wedding, and it was beautiful! Court looked amazing and the reception had delicious food, great band, and cupcakes!

Amanda, Briana (roomie), and Me
Husband and Wife!
The YUMMY Cupcakes!
Me and Court!
The next morning, Meg and the chillin's drove up to Cville to visit and eat some Bodo's bagels (just the most delicious bagels EVER!) I insisted on a small photo op of Maeve and Will. May they one day walk the lawn as students too (sorry Andrew!)

Will touching grass for the first time!
Maeve contemplating what it would be like to live on the lawn.
Mommy and Maeve :)
The joy of Charlottesville makes me tingle all over! We head back in September for the wedding of a sorority sister, and I cannot wait to walk the lawn again!