two people, one dog, and one baby figuring out life in Hawaii

Monday, November 11, 2013

10 months!

How fast did that month go? This month we have loved settling into our new house. Annie has had lots of changes this month!

We have our first tooth! Bottom left tooth came in during a pre thanksgiving celebration. She was super fun at that meal. ;) 

Annie is eating more finger foods as she likes to use her chompers. (Number 2 tooth just popped thru).

Annie also loves standing. She is just now holding onto the couch herself, but she loves to be on those feet. Her walker has become a more favorite toy.

Also she dressed up as a lady bug for Halloween!

Zoo visit! Rhinos!
Chilling w her sister!
Finger foods!
Crazy kid!
Beach time!
Family fun!

Friday, October 25, 2013

We've moved! (Again)

We decided early on to wait for base housing, so we moved into our temporary lodging. Also known as the 1st floor of our friends house. We had an interesting time with base housing and ultimately decided to stay living out in town. However our temporary place was too small with only two rooms and half our stuff in storage. So the search for a new place began. After literally a week of looking, we hit the jackpot. A three bedroom with a huge living area and great backyard. It wasn't available until my parents came in town which was also great to have their help! 

So a little tour:
Living room:
It has access to backyard and carport. It is connected to our kitchen.
And opposite of the kitchen is a little sitting area that we have made Annie's play area:
Which opens up onto the dining room:
There is a hallway with a bathroom and guest bedroom (which isn't done yet). Then there is our room:
And tucked in the back is Annie's room:
Our backyard has a great breeze and a lanai (patio) to hang out on and drink Mai tais. 😄

We hope to have many visitors! The guest bedroom will be complete as of Monday when our new mattress comes! Then we will begin taking reservations.... 

Friday, October 11, 2013

9 months!

Our little Annie is 20.5 pounds and just full of personality. She loves to "flex" her muscles, growl, laugh, and make others smile and laugh. For her 9 month birthday her grandparents from Virginia were visiting. She was loving being the center of attention and keeping them entertained with her songs and babbles. 

She is sitting up well, bouncing as she sits up, loves to grab things and rotate them around as she examines them. She is also a huge fan of chatting. I don't know where she gets that...

New things:
- combo dinners with chicken
- tofu eating
- behaving while mom teaches stroller strides
- pumpkin, kale, spinach, and other yummy veggies added
- going to visit a newborn
- first visit to a museum 
- still loves playing in the water, going for walks, reading

Asleep after stroller strides
Goofing off with dad
1st bow 
Snuggles with giraffe
Silly girl
Hanging with daisy
Beach time with the fam
Fun with grandparentS
More to come on the new house!

Thanks for all who have loved us through these 9 months of transition. We are ever so blessed to have Annie and you all as our cheerleaders.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

8 months!

How has this month flown by! Daddy finally came home and we spent just a day getting Annie used to a life sized daddy as opposed to her daddy doll. :) we then had our first visitors with Aunt Christine and Uncle Jason coming for their babymoon! I am also finishing up my stroller strides fitness instructor training, so soon I will be teaching classes all by myself! 

Annie has been changing and eating lots!
- sitting up all by ourselves for long periods of time!
- eating lots of food - oatmeal, avocado, applesauce, sweet potato, mum mums, pancake, and all the other old ones. We are getting ready to do some major food intros!
- more interactive with people other than mom
- laughs lots
- super ticklish
- using her pinchers to grab puffs
- babbles lots (like her mom...)
- gets distracted while eating
- hair almost long enough for bows
- LOVES reading books
- rode in shopping cart for first time 
- rolls more now but still not a fan of being on her belly

Getting ready to get daddy!
Reunited with his girls!
Beds ready for our guests.
Uncle Jason paddle boarding
Aunt Christine snuggles
Big girl on her high chair
Making funny faces 
We love books!!!

Go hoos! First college football watching

1stbridebin shopping cart
Playing with daisy
Eating like a big girl with her sippy cup!

It is crazy how observant and fun Annie is. She takes it all in with a concerned eye but also has the best belly laugh ever. We can't wait to see what changes there are this month!

Our next month post might be a little late as we will be moving into our permanent Hawaii home right around month 9! This one has 3 bedrooms, a bigger kitchen and living area and a fabulous backyard! Visitors welcome!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy 7 months!

Our little one is 7 months! 
We have had a great month of doing stroller strides, hitting the beach, hanging in our plastic pool, and snuggling! I am guessing she weighs close to 20 pounds but no official weigh in this month. She is definitely getting longer as she fills up her bouncy seat. She also got watched twice by our upstairs neighbor this month! (1st real babysitting!) she did great both times. I learned though that it helps if I leave during nap time so she doesn't know I left her. I also took a class to be certified to be a stroller strides instructor. I should start teaching mid September. 

Now onto Annie's accomplishments!
- rolling both ways!
- sitting up on her own briefly 
- laughing lots and with you
- smiles at our neighbors (thank goodness)
- naps twice a day
- likes to tilt her head sideways when I say upside down baby
- drooling lots- still no teeth
- loves grabbing her toys. Has much better ability to grab small things
- eats pears, green beans, bananas, carrots, rice cereal, mango, and banana puffs
- eats 3 meals a day!
- loves grabbing daisy and getting kisses
- still smiles lots, gives big kisses, pulls hair, snuggles
- weathered 1st tropical depression

Hanging out 

A little bath time reading 
Hydrating after class 
Being babysat by a 2 year old
Mom has a fever! And there is a tropical storm coming!!
They taste good...
Diaper less in our own pool...
Daisy ... I love you!
We kind of like her. 

We are soaking up our time here and have our first guests coming in less than a week! Can't wait!