two people, one dog, and one baby figuring out life in Hawaii

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our little abode

So we got our furniture a week ago, and it took a good four days to get it either unpacked or moved to the storage unit. Kenny worked his little booty off trying to get this all done quickly especially since we were borrowing our upstairs neighbor's garage. 

We decided not to hang anything on the walls because we ultimately would like to move on base, but I did manage to pull out some framed pictures and our anniversary art work from last year.

Here is the kitchen. Tiny, but we have used the hutch to store plates, etc.

Here is the entryway from the garage access. Our bookshelf has been repurposed as our junk drawer, game and craft holder, office supplies, and some books. Then you see into the living area. Our half bath is to the right of me. Didn't take a picture because well, it has a toilet and sink. Whoa!
Here is the view of entry way from living area including our special UVA print ;).
Here are two views of the living area:
(My assistant daisy on hand!)

Our room. 
The full bathroom

Annie is napping so no pic of her room. But here is a pic from another day when I had to wake up sleeping beauty.
And another pic of Annie sitting in her rocking chair! 

We love our home! We love having neighbors upstairs to play with and hang with!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

5 months?

How did we get here?? Annie turned 5 months today and we are both in awe. This month has flown by as we have settled into our new home and become more familiar with our surroundings!

Annie is up to lots:
Singing often. (She wakes us up in the wee morning hours singing in her crib)
Smiling and reacting to peoples' smiles
Being very aware
Taking 2 naps
Loves the water on her feet at the beach and in our wee pool.
Rides in the stroller facing out
Sleeps from 7pm- 530am (praise!)
Had rolled over twice!
Doesn't despise tummy time
Loves patty cake
Loves this little light of mine
Has the best giggle and belly laugh 
Loves grabbing her toes 
Still loves kisses and likes to give them back with a wide mouth and lots of slobber
Playing more independently. 

We don't have a weigh in this month but we would guess around 16 pounds, and she has definitely lengthened out some. We started wearing 6 month clothes after our 4 month check up. 

In other news, our stuff had arrived! We are unpacking and making it more homey feeling. We definitely don't have enough room for all of it, so we have also rented a storage unit. Pics to come! 

Annie's month 5 pics!
First beach trip:
First time in a bathing suit
First walk in park near our house
Family fun!
Playing in the pool
Love the beach with daddy!
Sunglasses needed
Sleeping like a big girl- no more swaddles!
Loving our paci