two people, one dog, and one baby figuring out life in Hawaii

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

just a few pics from spring break

The Fosters came to visit... their trip in reverse order... (the Alamo above)

Golfing with Uncle Paul and getting to have Blue Bell for lunch afterwards. Visiting the Aunts and Uncles equals SPOILED!

Seeing Uncle Kenny's planes AGAIN!

Playing with Uncle Paul is AWESOME!

We went to the USS Lexington which was fun to see the planes and have Maeve and Will get excited about "flying" the planes.
Daisy is now also Maeve's dog, and Daisy surely misses her cousins. Daisy was definitely a wee bit down for a couple of days after their departure (as we all were!).
Thanks for a great visit!!!

Uncle Molly, Uncle Kenny, and Daisy
(Will called me Uncle Molly, that is not a typo).

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Even though Duke is out...

Daisy still supports her Blue Devils!