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Friday, February 27, 2009

Posting from Virginia

Well I arrived in VA Tuesday evening and immediately got my hands on the cutest little boy in the world, Will!
Then I woke up at 7 am (4am my time) to play with my beautiful and fun little niece, Maeve! It was a fun filled day that wore out poor Aunt Molly. We snuggled, we went to the park, we ate snack, we read before nap, we napped, we read some more, we played with plastic fishes in the sink, and we got a bath. Aunt Molly was exhausted! But thrilled to get to play with her favorite two year old. The only bump in the road on day one was when Maeve woke up from nap and I was holding Will. Woops, someone was a wee bit jealous and had a wee bit temper tantrum and then had a wee cry about it. Being two can be exhausting. :)Maeve helped Aunt Molly pick out her clothes to wear, but what Aunt Molly didn't know was that Maeve wanted to wear Aunt Molly's clothes. She picked out a Chi Omega shirt to wear which was just fine with Aunt Molly because hopefully she will be a future Chi O! (at UVa....don't tell Andrew).

But here is the man of the hour! He is precious and sweet and laid back and already listens to his big sister!

Enjoy my niece and nephew - I am off to read again as Aunt Molly!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A good day...

This past week was a little rough, so when I had just a fabulous day today, I felt that I needed to share. Now obviously the arrival of the newest little one has been such a blessing, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was bummed that I am not there this second. (Will be there in 7 days!) I have been putting on my big girl pants because that is what we Navy wives do.

So today was one of those blessings that just snuck up on me and wrapped me in love. Let me explain...

I woke up early so that I could head to a good friend's house to babysit her little 15 month old. Kylie has the sweetest little voice and loves to say "HI!" over and over again. We snuggled (arguably my favorite thing to do in the entire world), read books (second favorite thing), danced, played peekaboo, giggled, tickled, walked around, read some more, danced some more. Basically she was just a whole bunch of sunshine in my morning. THEN her mommy came home and I got to catch up with a good friend and spend a couple of hours just hanging out and eating lunch. Some of the best friends are those that you can do nothing with and feel like you have just had the most awesome afternoon possible. As I was leaving, Kylie stuck out her arms and cried that I was going. Now really, I know it is probably because the one who gave her lots of goldfish was leaving, but it warmed my heart nonetheless.

THEN! I got a message from my bro-in-law to get on the webcam and get to SEE really SEE my nephew. Now of course he was sleeping because that is what 3 day old babies do, but there he was hanging out in my beautiful sisters arms. This little person who will one day be a little boy, and then a little man, and then he will have stinky feet, and then I will tease him about having a girlfriend (EEEW!) There is so much love for him already that I hope I don't burst when I actually see him and hold him!

THEN! I headed over to my first ever Whidbey Island friend-Beth's house for dinner. Now going over there is like going over to a family member's house. And dinner is always yummy. Hello, Beth is from Texas - of course it's good! So comfort, love, warmth, friendship - all were provided, and then... the entertainment... was ... spectacular! Carter and her little friends were hysterical and provided a mini-concert for us with singing and dancing and booty shaking. Who needs to go to a concert when you have miley cyrus and her peeps right there in the living room? The fun and love in the Saxton house is just what a girl needs and reminds me how stinking blessed I am to have them as my WA fam!

So thanks to that Big Guy who knew what I needed, and thanks to friends for making it happen!

Monday, February 16, 2009

HERE HE IS!!!!!!!

William Ernest Foster - aka WILL!

And all I have to say is that Meg, you are AWESOME and looking pretty darn good in that picture for just having had a kid. May I be as pretty as you one day. :) Love you little nephew Will and the whole Foster clan!

love, aunt Molly and uncle Kenny

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today, February 15th, the newest Foster made its debut... and it's a BOY!

William Ernest Foster!!

Kenny and I are so excited to meet our nephew and are so happy for the Foster family! We send lot of love to you!

pictures and more details to follows!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a little love...

to send out to you all! I realized the other day that I have never actually spent Valentine's day with my valentine, so this year will be no different. In college when I was dating Kenny, one of my sorority sisters Lizzy (or ESteel) and I decided that we would be each other's valentines. To this day she calls me Valentine. My friends have always been good valentines, and before that, my parents were always my valentines. I would wake up on February 14th and head downstairs to place my homemade valentine's day cards at each person's place on the dining room table. My mom would have already been up and placed our valentine's and a little something special at our places. Thanks for being my first valentine, Mom!

A Valentine doesn't just have to be the one person you are married to, so I would like to say thanks to all of my Valentines who keep me smiling and share with me their love. So to all of you, Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So Valentine's Day came early...

I am not allowed to talk about how much I love my husband on this blog (one of the conditions of starting it), BUT since it is the month of Valentine's Day and Kenny can't see this, I am so taking liberties....

So Tuesday I was suffering from a wicked headache that throbbed all day long. I took a little lie down upstairs to hopefully make it go away, and then someone rang my doorbell. I hadn't gotten out of my pajamas yet (it was a little bit into the afternoon- woops!), so I crept downstairs and peeped out the peep hole. No one was there.... So I opened the door and there was a box with my name on it! Well I took a moment to think... um... did I order myself something lately??


On the box was a sweet note from my hubby and inside were the most beautiful roses I have ever seen! He sent me a little Valentine love early so that I could enjoy them throughout the month! It could not have happened on a better day. My headache did not go away, but at least I had a beautiful reminder that some handsome pilot loves me :)

So here I am with my gorgeous roses!

Hope you all are blessed with love and beautiful surprises all month long....