two people, one dog, and one baby figuring out life in Hawaii

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We finally went to Austin!

For less than 24 hours.

Kenny got a one night cross-country flight to Austin, so we made a trip of it. I wouldn't normally make an 8 hour drive round trip to a city, but our good friends were also going. Therefore, I had a fun person to drive. We also took Kenny's student's wife who was excited to grill us with questions about being a Navy wife and the first real duty station. It is always fun to make other "young" wives feel better about marrying a Navy pilot.

We go up there before Kenny did because he flew by way of Alabama. We actually had lunch at this little restuarant which I had been to with family! I have been two Austin twice and each time for less than 24 hours. Only once I have eaten out in Austin, and I do a repeat! But it was really good, so why complain, right?

When Kenny and his student arrived, we went down to the capital building which was neat to see and walk around.

Kara even did an impersonation of the people at the burning of the Alamo.

We then treked super far (unbeknownst to us) to a really cool bookstore, Anthropologie, R.E.I. and the originial Whole Foods.

We then had dinner at this neat Mexican place that had some amazing fish tacos.

And the best part for Kenny and his pilot friends was hanging out a bar call the Hanger. It was all airline themed and pretty much made their night.

We can't wait to do more cross-country trips up there because it is certianly worth the drive, if you have a friend to drive with!

And a little holiday cheer with our sotckings hung by the chimney... just waiting to for the holiday!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some pictures :)

Here is the set up of the baby shower I threw...

Here is Daisy cheering on the Cavaliers vs. FSU (which we won!) She does not look super enthusiastic at the moment.

Here is what Thanksgiving looked like before guests arrived.

Lastly, Daisy with her grandparents.Daisy with her favorite Uncle... Some might say she is a wee bit spoiled.

The Henry siblings :)

Daisy has had a very short haircut. Her father is training her to be in the military, so we are trying to get her a little jacket before we head north for the holidays... How does this one look?
Hope you all are gearing up for the holidays. We are excited to see family and spend some quality time with even more family. It was so awesome to have family in over Thanksgiving. Makes you appreciate what you have. Daisy is also excited to play more with her grandmother who would play keep away with her. It's a favorite of hers.

Now for more sweater shopping.... Daisy needs a whole wardrobe, right?