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Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Cowgirl Babyshower!

So this weekend, my friend Jamie and I showered our friend Kristy since she is having a baby the first week in June (hopefully!). I only took pictures of the set up, but it was pretty cute (if I don't say so myself!) We did it at a local restaurant in Anacortes called Star Bar, and we had about 15 ladies show up including the momma-to-be's momma who flew in all the way from Florida.

The momma-to-be is a real cowgirl. She is the owner of a beautiful horse, Mya, and so Jamie and I decided another cowgirl shower it would be! We used the same decorating ideas from the previous shower we did, but in a different location, they had a different feel.

The cake! (we did not make it, but we can claim we ate it!)
The party favors were homemade cookies from Etsy. Taylor is the baby's name!
This was hanging as the guests walked up - pictures of Kristy as a baby and bandannas.
Jamie got this cute picture frame for the guests to sign.
The decor on the balcony area including the pink boots with roses.
The decor inbetween the balcony and eating area. My favorite onesie said that "My horse is smarter than your honor student."
Favor's table
If I had pictures of the pretty momma-to-be on her evening, I would post them! Hopefully I can add those later, but for now, we are so excited for Kristy, Mark and baby Taylor! They will be such a beautiful little family filled with lots of love and cowgirl boots!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


So a dream of Kenny's since he began skiing was to get to go to Whistler, BC and get to ski on the slopes there. After the Winter Olympics were there this year, Kenny had an even bigger desire to get to Whistler!

We arrived Thursday evening to get ourselves acquainted with the area and Whistler Creek.

Behind Kenny is the gondola that we took halfway up the mountain. You can't see the top of the mountain in this picture.

Then it was up at at 'em on Friday morning to hop on the gondola to get to skiing! I could tell you how pretty it was, but really, the pictures can speak for themselves.

This says "Elevation: 6,939 ft." That is really high up.

That night we went to Whistler Village to see the shops and eat dinner. Then it was back to resting at the hotel. Saturday we woke up again early to get on the gondola to ski our last day. Whistler has a Peak to Peak gondola which takes you from Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain.

We spent the day on Blackcomb until the rain came and the clouds descended on the mountains which made it harder to ski. So after a little souvenir shopping, we headed back to our hotel to head home.

It was a great way to cap off our skiing adventures in the Pacific Northwest, but now it is time to pack the ski gear for the next time we make a trip from our home in TEXAS to ski slopes. Strange.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So about midnight last night, I was sitting at a pretty empty terminal on base waiting for a certain somebody to walk off the plane. Since it was so dark, and the glass is pretty reflective, you really can't see them until they are RIGHT there walking into the building. As Kenny walked through the door, I put my arms up and said something to the effect of, "YOU ARE DONE WITH DEPLOYMENTS!" (please read that with a parenthesis of (for now)). It is strange to think that Kenny will be home for around 2 and a half years, but we will welcome the change!

Now for Carol, Christine, Meg, and my Mom, no I did not tell Kenny who won the championship game. We all know I don't keep secrets well, but not only did I keep that secret, I watched the whole game without giving away who won! Okay, so I didn't watch the whole game, but I did stay up until 2am and passed out for the last ten minutes, but let's remember, I already knew who won. Also, I woke up for the last 45 seconds which was the best moment anyway. Kenny literally jumped up off the couch trying not to yell since I could only open one eye to watch and was obviously still very out of it.

So at the Vaughn household we have had a very exciting 24 hours during which Kenny came home from his final deployment (for now) and Duke is National CHAMPS!

KENNY!!!!!No this is not a picture of Kenny coming home, but I thought it could be a little symbolic of packing up and going? A midnight return does not bode well for a welcome home picture, but we will snap some shots soon, I promise. The welcome home boy is still sleeping. :)


Now the race is on to pack and get to Texas. WOW.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some additional Vegas Pictures

The guy didn't know he was getting ready to take our picture AS the fountain show started!
Can you tell in this picture who lives in the Pacific Northwest and was SUPER excited to have the sun on her skin? I will give you a hint - her name starts with M and ends with olly.
We were sooooo excited to be there!

Our last night in the lobby. It was magical!Now go celebrate Easter with your family and get excited over the fact that He is RISEN!

and the fact that Kenny should be home some time MONDAY!