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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Old Friends...

Because all posts should start with a cute picture of a cute dog...

As soon as school got out for Thanksgiving break, I packed my bag, left Kenny and Daisy at home (Daisy in charge of course), and headed to the airport bound for Whidbey.

After an unexpected delay, an unsuccessful sprint through the Dallas airport, and a long flight in the middle seat, I made it to three smiling faces at SEATAC!


Whitney, Jamie, and Kylie (Whitney's daughter) came to pick me up! Then we stopped at a Starbucks to meet with our friend Lara who was heading out for a Mexican cruise.

Then once we got to Jamie's house, we threw Whitney a surprise baby shower for baby girl Mumbach who will be here in April some time! Of course I forgot to take pictures until after the event (woops).

The next morning we met at Calico Cupboard for a yummy breakfast, took the kids bowling, and enjoyed some QT with old friends.

Cat and Carlos
Me, Kylie, and Whitney
Aunt Jamie and Carlos

On Monday, Whitney and I awoke to snow coming down in Oak Harbor and before we knew it we were stuck on Whidbey because Deception Pass bridge was closed.

It was a bit of an adventure, but it was amazing to go see old friends and to see the snow! I even got to see some of my students and just enjoy being super COLD :)

next up... Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trip to Liberty

So Daisy got her last set of shots this past week, so she could go out in the world a free puppy! The first thing she did was hit the salon (or Shear Heaven) to get a little spa treatment or haircut. I did not know that dogs god their hinies shaved, so when I picked her up, I was a bit traumatized. These are things people should worn me about before I experience them!

We then took Friday off of work to head up to Liberty, TX (momma's hometown) to surprise my cousins at the last home football game for Liberty High School! One cousin was playing saxophone in the band, one cousin was dancing as a prancer at her last football home game, and one cousin was dancing as a little prancer! High school football in Texas is a much bigger and better deal than what I experienced in high school, so I was excited to not only get to see family but to really experience this Texas tradition.

After a long drive, we surprised the cousins and were happily surprised that it was Senior night, so Emmie would be honored as a Co-Captain of the Prancers (dance team) and as a senior! Emmie is named after my mom (her first name is Susan), and my mom was a Prancer in high school, so it was extra special!

Uncle Mike, Emmie, and Aunt Cindy (mom's sister). Please notice the awesome white boots.
Emmie is in the middle of the first line, kicking to the left.
Emmie is smack-dab in the middle of the front row!
Lindsay (Liberty High Math teacher, cousin and Emmie's big sis), me, and Emmie, our Prancer!

Emmie's niece and my 2nd cousin, Natalie who is 6 got to get out on the field at half time too to dance as a little prancer. (Natalie, Lindsay's dauther and her favorite aunt Emmie!) Also, James, my second cousin did an awesome job leading all of the extra people in the band who came because it was friends and family night. James is the one middle with the green shirt and sax! Mom and my uncle played the sax in the Liberty High School Band!

It was a real proud evening! We weren't close to family in Washington, so we made our own. Living in Texas, it has been awesome to get to be there for special moments and love on family members. I can't wait for even more exciting events like high school graduations and proms!

And because we have to have a shout out to my Uncle Paul (mom's brother) who not only housed us and fed us but loved on Daisy like any good great-uncle would. His own dog, Dusty, was a little jealous at times because as you can see, Daisy likes to take over people's laps. :)
Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Daisy would say hello, but she is too tired from her exciting weekend away.