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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We finally went to Austin!

For less than 24 hours.

Kenny got a one night cross-country flight to Austin, so we made a trip of it. I wouldn't normally make an 8 hour drive round trip to a city, but our good friends were also going. Therefore, I had a fun person to drive. We also took Kenny's student's wife who was excited to grill us with questions about being a Navy wife and the first real duty station. It is always fun to make other "young" wives feel better about marrying a Navy pilot.

We go up there before Kenny did because he flew by way of Alabama. We actually had lunch at this little restuarant which I had been to with family! I have been two Austin twice and each time for less than 24 hours. Only once I have eaten out in Austin, and I do a repeat! But it was really good, so why complain, right?

When Kenny and his student arrived, we went down to the capital building which was neat to see and walk around.

Kara even did an impersonation of the people at the burning of the Alamo.

We then treked super far (unbeknownst to us) to a really cool bookstore, Anthropologie, R.E.I. and the originial Whole Foods.

We then had dinner at this neat Mexican place that had some amazing fish tacos.

And the best part for Kenny and his pilot friends was hanging out a bar call the Hanger. It was all airline themed and pretty much made their night.

We can't wait to do more cross-country trips up there because it is certianly worth the drive, if you have a friend to drive with!

And a little holiday cheer with our sotckings hung by the chimney... just waiting to for the holiday!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some pictures :)

Here is the set up of the baby shower I threw...

Here is Daisy cheering on the Cavaliers vs. FSU (which we won!) She does not look super enthusiastic at the moment.

Here is what Thanksgiving looked like before guests arrived.

Lastly, Daisy with her grandparents.Daisy with her favorite Uncle... Some might say she is a wee bit spoiled.

The Henry siblings :)

Daisy has had a very short haircut. Her father is training her to be in the military, so we are trying to get her a little jacket before we head north for the holidays... How does this one look?
Hope you all are gearing up for the holidays. We are excited to see family and spend some quality time with even more family. It was so awesome to have family in over Thanksgiving. Makes you appreciate what you have. Daisy is also excited to play more with her grandmother who would play keep away with her. It's a favorite of hers.

Now for more sweater shopping.... Daisy needs a whole wardrobe, right?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful- Check!

Parents in town - Check
Happy puppy - Check
Aunt and Uncles coming in town - Check
Friends over for Thanksgiving - Check
Celebrating a friend's kid's first Thanksgiving - Check
Having parents have a photo shoot - Check
Turkey - Check
CRANBERRY SAUCE (best part of any holiday, hands down)- Check

Filled with love and gratefulness - definitely! Hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Because you miss me...


Sorry we have been MIA. Kenny has been out of town. I have a student teacher. I threw a beautiful baby shower. I hosted book club. We had mold in our brand new house. We had the vents sealed. We had the ceiling repainted. Daisy puked over stress of furniture being moved and the knowledge that someone had been in our house without us. (The nerve of those people!) It has been busy!

But I wanted to post a picture of Daisy Vaughn who is just precious as always, and so you don't miss us too much.

Promise to post more after this weekend and for sure during Thanksgiving when the Doc and Grandmother will be in town to spoil Daisy, go to Academy, and oh yeah, see their children. :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

An additional Halloween pic

Please note that Daisy is in the front. Kenny is hiding behind me and to the right. The Vaughn's represented, and Daisy made lots of friends.

Mom- this is really for you, so you can see Pat's dress in full.

Happy Thanksgiving Month!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A little halloween fun

Just in case you were wondering what we have been up to...

We have dressed up as Mad Men characters (Don Draper and his wife Betty, well now ex-wife). Please do not mind the fake cigs. I didn't even know which end should be colored red. Our friends, the Karaffas went as characters from the Wizard of Oz. Cutest tin man ever!

I made owl cupcakes for the squadron Halloween party.

We have carved amazing pumpkins - Kenny's the Grim Reaper and mine is the Owl.

We saw Lady Antebellum with our friends the Karaffas.

And now, I need a nap.

Hope November is going well for you all! It is 55 degrees outside, and the kids are acting like it's is 10 below, but boy does it feel glorious!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not to toot my horn

But I won a $100 gift card Wednesday for my classroom!(Please note me in my circle dress that I have sweated through and have sweat rolling down my legs. Also please note that I am doing the sorority squat. When I said, "Let's sorority squat," the other women didn't know what I was talking about. Don't I live in Texas?)

I was told that I was meeting with Wal-Mart executives to chat about forming a relationship with our school district. After sweating through the opening remarks from the various people there opening the Super Wal-Mart including our state representative and a youth pastor, we were awarded (unbeknownst(sp?) to us) our gift cards!

Our principal was super sweet in rewarding our hard work. I jokingly said I would buy cookies for my room, but in actuality, our school needs lots of things like notebooks, glue, pencils, paper, etc. We even have a need for children underwear and socks which always breaks my heart. I am sure that the $100 will go quickly. I just hope that whatever it is that I spend it on serves as many kids as possible.

Boy, was I glad I wore a washable dress... I almost wore something that needed to be dry cleaned... CLOSE call. Now I just have to wait for the excitement of Wal-Mart opening to die down so that I can actually go into the store!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homecoming Parade!

So Texas is much different than the east coast when it comes to Homecoming. In VA, we had a homecoming parade at the high school during half time of the football game. In TX, we have a homecoming parade Monday before the football game. The WHOLE town shows up and participates with floats, cars, etc. HEB had a HUGE motorized shopping cart entered in the parade. The little kids walk in the parade. The high school sports walk in the parade. The churches put floats in the parade. Children wear "mums" all week at school showing their school spirit. It is pretty intense.

As cheer sponsor, it was my first TX parade which was fun mainly because I got to see lots of my students from last year. That is the best reward for teaching is knowing those kids realize how much you have given to them (even the stinkers). They want to show you how they have changed over the summer and how they have improved. When the kid who always goofed off in class comes up to you in a NJROTC uniform with a prideful way of holding himself, I can't help but think, "I had a wee part of that." SUCCESS!

It was fun walking with the girls and showing off their hardwork and seeing how Texas does homecoming!

Here are a few pics from the parade!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The moment you have been waiting for...

My bedazzled jersey!
The picture doesn't do it justice, but all the wording is sparkly silver glitter!

Now try not to be too jealous!

Monday, October 10, 2011

We are having a HOOT with fall!

This little number adorns my front door. Isn't he cute? What should we name him? Ollie the Owl? Or Howie the Hoot? Thoughts, please...

And two of these are hanging out on my dining room table just waiting to be lit and to make my house smell like fall!

Hope you are having a great fall!! It is hard to get in the spirit with 80 degree weather, but we are trying!

Stay tuned... next post is my bedazzled jersey...

Friday, September 30, 2011

A virtual tour of my classroom.

I am by no means a good "bulletin board maker." I am not an elementary school teacher for many reasons and that is one of them. I cannot make a good bulletin board since I am not super creative. Thank goodness for whoever decided that they should put together posters kits and cut outs of the Lincoln Memorial and fake copies of the Declaration of Independence. I love you.

This year, I did a little more than last year especially since my lovely mother had picked me up posters along the way of her travels. (Thanks mom!)

So here are some pictures of my room (before the kids start to destroy it and we have to cover parts/take down for testing).

My room as you walk in to the haven of learning :)This year I learned that you can write on bulletin board paper! (Why I didn't realize this earlier, I have no idea).The front of the classroom with todays assignment: People of the Revolution including my boyfriend, TJ.My nook/desk area with a picture of my boyfriend next to my desk. The timeline on my walls! Begins with the 13 colonies (which are divided by region to help students remember New England, Middle, and Southern) and the American Revolution timeline.Then my welcoming Uncle Sam so that kids remember my name and don't just say, "MISS!"Next part of the timeline: Declaration of Independence (by my boyfriend) and then making our government with a Constitution!Then the idea of Westward Expansion and the Civil War which ends our class!

Thanks Momma B for all the fabulous additions to my room this year and keeping me looking cool since Bulletin Boards are not my thing.

Hope you enjoyed a little tour of 612.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A plug for an awesome friend!

One of our beautiful friends that we met in Whidbey is Whitney. Whit makes amazing jewelry, and I have bought a few pieces for family. And because I am a blessed to be Whit's friend, she has also so kindly made me a few pieces that have been personalized just for me! Let's just say an owl piece has been a real fave of mine. I have a thing for amazing owls... and amazing friends.

So if you have a need for a fun piece of jewelry or need a gift for someone, check Whitney out!

Her website is

This necklace is awesome looking... I am literally trying to figure out a person who might need this in their jewelry collection...I actually own these too. Super fun "going out" earrings! Go buy them at Whit's website!
So proud of her for being an awesome mommy and finally letting the world see her talent!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kenny's Bday Celebration

A little late on this post, but better late than never.

Kenny's birthday fell on a Friday, so we went out to a steak house and then had funfetti cake (a Kenny Vaughn fave).

And what Kenny had really wanted was a Beer-rita. A man with simple needs. Beer-rita and big screen.

The next night we had a couple of friends over to watch on the big screen and drink more beer-ritas and celebrate Kenny's natal day!

Hope year 29 is a great year, my love!!