two people, one dog, and one baby figuring out life in Hawaii

Monday, May 31, 2010

What we've been up to...

So, after much searching, we realized that someone packed the cord to connect the camera to the computer. Just a wee problem as you try to upload photos.

We went to the drive-in movie theater to take our friend's daughter to see Shrek 4 and to cross that off Kenny's list of things to do. Kylie LOVES Shrek. She always asks to get to watch Shrek and Princess Fiona and does the best interpretation of Dragon I have ever seen. We were pretty excited to go and enjoy the evening together. They even play fifties music before the movie starts to dance to! The best part was that there were 10 adults, a two year old, and an eleven month old. It was a wee bit chilly and windy, but lots of fun to hang out with friends and enjoy a great evening together.

Bobby and Lara
The Vaughns. Please notice our UVA hats :)
The Yates and Kylie. No Kylie is not their child, but she only wanted to hang out with them.
Jamie and Whitney as we waited the long line to get into the drive in.
The Infantes.

Then this weekend was the birthday weekend. If you can have a three day birthday celebration, why not?

Friday was the all girl party during which we ate Mexican food and went and saw Sex and the City 2. It was great fun to be with some fun friends and get all dressed up.

This was the only picture I took. It is my FABULOUS birthday cake. I love Barefoot wine, so my friend got me a red velvet Barefoot birthday cake!

Saturday, I picked up Kenny from the airport and we had a nice dinner at a tapas rest. called Tango. The food was great, the wine was delicious, and the company was superb. It was a nice way to end our time in the Pacific Northwest.

Here is Kenny after we had devoured a lot of the food. We meant to take pictures of it all, woops.

My new sassy outfit.
The amazing dessert!

Sunday, (the actual natal day), we had a bbq at our friend Whitney's house with all of our friends to just enjoy memorial day and eat some amazing hamburgers and drink some yummy sangria.

The ladies: Whit, myself, Cat, Jamie, and Kristy.
The boys are grilling.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Hopefully year 26 will be fun and exciting as we make our new home in Texas.

Happy Birthday DAD!

From your favorite birthday present (me), I hope you have a fabulous 70th birthday filled with lemon meringue pies and some good back porch sitting. Maybe you can wash a car or two since I know that is a favorite hobby of yours. And have a big ol' glass of lemonade with lots of ice. Know that we wish we were there to help you celebrate, but I am sure when we see you next, we can go grab a crabcake in your honor!

Love you lots Dad and thanks for being willing to share your birthday even if I was a wee bit too eager and came out just a little too soon to share the day.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So the list of things to accomplish...

in the Pacific Northwest goes like this:

1) Eat at Gere-a-Deli's one more time. Dad, I had half a BLT for you. It was amazing. And since Dad doesn't read this, Mom, please tell him. Kenny had a Fresh Mozza (mom, you can start drooling). All eaten at Washington Park... oh the beaut.

2) Go flying around the islands again. We took our friends up in the little plane going around the islands. This time was MUCH smoother since there wasn't so much wind. Hopefully we can continue these little flights in Corpus and take some willing relatives up!

3) Go to Change of Command Dinner. We had a lovely time celebrating the present Skipper and new Skipper-to-be. Of course a major highlight was getting to hang out with all of our good friends here in Whidbey and get a little dolled up!

Below are Jamie, Lara, me, Wendi (New Skipper's wife), and Jill. Photo courtesy of Lara!

This weekend includes: Change of Command Party, Blue Fox Drive In Movie theater, and maybe a little Knead and Feed lunch (that is my hope!)...

Sorry for no other pictures. Our camera battery died. Woops. Will be charged before this weekend's activities!

House is still in the process of being packed, and I am still in the midst of planning the rest of my school year with the kids. It is all going so fast! But we are grateful for our friends and family for being so loving and supportive during this crazy time!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day and other news...

So, I kind of feel like a poor daughter/daughter-in-law for not posting about those special ladies in our lives. However, traveling on Mother's Day and you know, making life changing decisions can kind of dampers a girl ability to blog. We did call our mothers though and appropriately loved on them, but a little shout out on the blog is always nice. :)

So thanks for raising us and making us such awesome people ;) No no, in all seriousness, thanks for always cheering us on and supporting us through all of our big decisions. We love you both and appreciate greatly everything you have done for us and sacrificed for us!
Here they are:

And just in case you haven't heard - we bought a house! I seriously cannot believe we have actually bought a house. It is still being finished with important things like A/C, light fixtures, and carpet. It was pretty painless for me since I flew in, looked at 8 homes, narrowed it down to 2, looked at them again, looked at a rental, and put in an offer. Kenny did all of the hard work before I made it down there, so a major thanks to Kenny for the stress and driving!

So here is our beautiful new home without grass and a real front door, but here it is!

The Front of the House:
The formal dining room. (I LOVE the arches!)
The living room (don't mind me looking a little sweaty)Our back patio that will have a fan and outside furniture!

This is the living room looking at the backyard and the breakfast nook/sitting area and wine hutch possibly?
The master bathroom and closet on the left.
The kitchen (and our realtor in the back)
There is the pantry in the middle. We are so excited about a pantry! And the mud room is the open door in the back.
There are three bedrooms, so come on down for a visit! And wow, we bought a house! And just in case anyone is wondering - in one month's time, we will be leaving Whidbey Island for our trek to Corpus! WOW!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Farewell, sort of

Kenny and I got farewelled this past Friday. This basically means that the squadron says good bye and gives Kenny his squadron gifts. Then Kenny gets to speak to the guys there and say his parting words. Since I am not allowed to rave about how awesome Kenny is, let's just say that it was very touching. Kenny then got to go play 9 holes of golf with some of the guys, and the girls and I then prepared for our farewell dinner. It was a lovely evening with friends, steaks, and cookie cakes. Luckily, we still have a month here to get our house packed and move, but it was the start of the farewell...

This weekend we are heading to Corpus Christi, TX to get a look at housing, so hopefully, we will find a home and get even more excited about our move!