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Sunday, January 5, 2014

11 months

So one day before the big birthday I will get this post up! (You are welcome, mom :)). 

11 months came right before our big trip east for the holidays. We were busy packing and prepping, so forgive the delay. 

Annie was up to lots!
- Learning to scoot on her hiny! 
- standing up more
- laughing lots
- scowling at people and then breaking into laughter 
- saying good bye to daddy for his second deployment
- saying baa baa, dada, momma
- got better with stranger danger
- got better with new animals
- 2 teeth total
- wears 18 month clothing
- shows momma when she is displeased!

Practicing for winter weather
1st duke game of the season
More beach time!
Scooting on our toosh!
Silly faces
First thanksgiving!
1st time wearing jeans (little tight)
New car seat!
We turn 1 tomorrow!!! Crazy!!!

Stay tuned :)


The Hudock Family said...

What a beautiful baby; love those jeans! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy birthday our sweet grand daughter....Life is so much sweeter because you are here!