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Sunday, August 22, 2010

What we've been up to...

Has been LOTS! Once I found out I got the job, my sister, niece, and nephew came to Corpus. We had a great time hanging out and going to the beach. We even had the joy of having my Aunt and cousins come on down to see Meg and our new home!

Aunt Molly taught Maeve how to make Sangria - an important life skill.
Will being a big boy in the big chair. Please note his Virginia pajamas.
Maeve on the beach. We "broke" waves, played with sand diggers, and sweated A LOT.
Meg, Will (who LOVES planes) and Uncle Kenny
Someone was in heaven on Uncle Kenny's lap
Maeve found these bandaids I had been meaning to give her of lips. They were in purple - her FAVORITE color.
Then my parents came my first week of in-service as a new teacher! They were great help in getting my room set up and cutting out letters for my bulletin boards. I, of course, was too busy to take pictures, but trust me that they came and had fun! We even took a trip up to Liberty and Bridge City where what we call "Camp" is. This was the first camp experience for Kenny and my Dad! Still no pictures, but forgive me since I am new to this full time working gig!
Then this week, Kenny's parents came in town for a visit! They had a great time eating a little Whataburger and seeing the sights. They too were super supportive and patient with my hectic schedule and late evenings; however, we were able to get in some quality hanging out and good food! Still no pics. Phil took some though, so there is proof that they were here!

Now school starts tomorrow, and I will make Kenny take my first day of school picture. Too bad I wont be rocking the side ponytail, but I will be doing important things like regulating on 8th grade boys who smell badly. :)

My brother and I on my first day of school in 1st grade. Yeah, I was cool. Nice elastic waist pants Bo.
Hope everyone is having a great end to their summer!


the bee said...

good luck tomorrow mrs. vaughn! you will be great!

Willcox Family said...

Maeve is huge! When did that happen? It looks like you guys fun! Good Luck on your first day of school. I am sure you'll do great!

Bridgee said...

Hope you're having a great day! Love the pics of Maeve & Will!

Anonymous said...

Love that ponytail. Too bad you gave that up! We had such a great time being with you all and can hardly wait for your first day of school picture and a report! Love anonymous--your mother

Anonymous said...

my goodness, you are one fast blogger. Don't hold your breath on seeing the pictures on Phil's camera...but someday.

Hope the 1st day went smoothly. tomorrow will be the first real day of teaching.

Loved our time with you, only wish we had a private jet to fit our selfish schedule. HUGS and LOVE, your anonymous mother in law

Meg Foster said...

Thanks for the pics as I took none of our visit because I am a terrible mommmy. I can't wait to frame the one of Will and Kenny. You picked good. Thanks for an incredible visit. We hope it's a great first week, and we love you tons and tons. Maeve asked on Saturday if we could go to the airport and get on a plane to see Aunt Molly and Uncle Kenny. I think she likes you. :)