two people, one dog, and one baby figuring out life in Hawaii

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some pictures :)

Here is the set up of the baby shower I threw...

Here is Daisy cheering on the Cavaliers vs. FSU (which we won!) She does not look super enthusiastic at the moment.

Here is what Thanksgiving looked like before guests arrived.

Lastly, Daisy with her grandparents.Daisy with her favorite Uncle... Some might say she is a wee bit spoiled.

The Henry siblings :)

Daisy has had a very short haircut. Her father is training her to be in the military, so we are trying to get her a little jacket before we head north for the holidays... How does this one look?
Hope you all are gearing up for the holidays. We are excited to see family and spend some quality time with even more family. It was so awesome to have family in over Thanksgiving. Makes you appreciate what you have. Daisy is also excited to play more with her grandmother who would play keep away with her. It's a favorite of hers.

Now for more sweater shopping.... Daisy needs a whole wardrobe, right?


msbuchanan said...

OF COURSE, she NEEDS a whole wardrobe of sweaters! She is a girl, duh...

carolyn said...

move over Martha do such a lovely job of making company feel like family....way to go Molly!!! Yes, Daisy needs some layers of warmth unless the present trend continues and then she will be too hot..Better to be prepared though!