two people, one dog, and one baby figuring out life in Hawaii

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alone again....

Well Kenny is off again on his adventures with the Navy (that makes it sound like lots of fun... it is all the in wording!). He "should" be home sometime around late March. So prayers for him are always accepted and appreciated!

I did take some pictures before he left, but since it was early in the morning and we both looked pretty busted, I will refrain from torturing you (and me!). So instead, I will provide you with a picture of Kenny and his buddy (our niece and God daughter) who loves to play with my computer. She has loved doing this since she could sit up. She is kind of our favorite, and anytime Uncle Kenny is not there and he is supposed to be, Maeve notices and says, "Where'd Uncle Kenny go?"
Here is Maeve as a BABY - maybe 7 months old, hanging out and playing with Auntie Molly's Mac. I cannot believe that she will be two in one week! And she will be a big sister in one month!! We love you Maeve!


Beth said...

Your encouraging "wording" and attitude is incredibly admirable!! You are awesome Molly and we will do our best to keep you entertained while Kenny is gone! Love you! :) said...

We love you Molly! We'll be saying lots of prayers for you and Kenny.