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Friday, January 30, 2009

Friends Shout Out!

The past two and a half weeks that Kenny has been gone have been jammed packed with things to do and people to see. This has certainly helped to make the time go by a little faster! So I take this moment to shout out to my friends!

We have the Oak Harbor peeps who entertain, feed, work out with, and love me. On the Oak Harbor team is Beth, Jamie, Whitney, Cat, Stacey, Amy, Candie, Sara and all the other many wives who lift me up!

We have the Far Away friends, Beth, Annie, Austin, Bridgee, Val, Tiggie, Esteel, Molly and all others whom I may have forgotten! You all call, email, and check on your home-girl to make sure I am holding up!

We have the FAMILY: Buchanans, Fosters, Vaughns - all who pick me up and pray for Kenny and me. Thank you especially to my mom who through cleaning out the closet at home has sent me some of the strangest things. Always a good laugh! And a special thanks to Maeve who never ceases to make me giggle when I speak to her on the phone!

So thank you to all who support Kenny and me during these times of separation!

I send the love right back at you!


Beth said...

Thanks for doing my tag and thanks for the SHOUT!! I hope we're on the same team for many years to come (as in I hope the Lone Star State is calling each of us to the motherland very soon!) :) You're awesome Molly. Keep on living life to the fullest and staying busy and before you know it Kenny will be home again to eat dinner with you every night again! :)

Meg Foster said...

Eeww you don't brush your teeth all the time? You sure your dad's kid? Just kidding. Loved talking to you last night! Cannot wait to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best Aunt Molly (oh, and we like that Kenny guy a lot, too).