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Friday, July 24, 2009

My Social Coordinator

is named Beth Saxton. It really is fabulous for someone to say, "Hey, this is what we are doing today, and I will pick you up." It is kind of like getting to skate through life knowing that each day will have a little adventure and all I have to do is be willing to go for the ride! So to Beth, I say thank you.

We have had repeat 4th of July dinner followed by watching Cinderella.

We have had a morning at the park followed by lunch at quiznos. (We were supposed to go to the wading pool, but it was cloudy and about 50 degrees outside).

We have gone raspberry picking with our friends! (Beth is in red hat)
(Picture courtesy of Beth - another perk- your fun times are documented!)

And tonight we have a spaghetti dinner and watching High School Musical!

Then TOMORROW we are going to Taco del Mar (lips smacking for my kids quesadilla with a side of guac and diet coke for less that $5) and seeing The Hangover at the base theater for FREE!

I am telling you. If you don't have a social coordinator, get one. Each day you will have fun, be with good friends, get to laugh, and just enjoy the blessings of life. Plus, having a social coordinator when your husband is gone just makes those days tick away in no time!

So Beth, thanks for your hard work and efforts at being my social coordinator. And Carter (Beth's four year old little girl) thanks for your constant entertainment. Last night when you told me that your favorite drink was a margarita I nearly wet myself.

Now go get a social coordinator!

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Beth said...

Well I would be without a job if I didn't have fabulous friends to "coordinate"! :) Thanks for always being willing to hang out and help pass the time, without you Oak Harbor would be a dull, dull place!! You are too sweet really, you and Kenny are two of our favorite things in the Navy, we heart y'all!