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Thursday, July 2, 2009


I spent 24 hours in the most blessed of places... The University (of Virginia). Some people love where they went to college, but I LOVE where I went to college. My sister and brother went here. I met my husband here. I met the most amazing women in my life here. Kenny proposed to me here. And it doesn't hurt that this place is just gosh darn BEAUTIFUL!

So here is the Rotunda and the Lawn where I spent my afternoon chatting with my sorority sister and roomie for two years, Pember. Then as I sat on the Lawn, I saw 12 other sorority sisters one of whom was getting married in the chapel. The excitement!

Then I met up with my first year hallmate and 2nd year roomie to attend the wedding of our lovely first year hallmate Courtney Williams (now Zeifle!) We had the honor of greeting everyone at the wedding, and it was beautiful! Court looked amazing and the reception had delicious food, great band, and cupcakes!

Amanda, Briana (roomie), and Me
Husband and Wife!
The YUMMY Cupcakes!
Me and Court!
The next morning, Meg and the chillin's drove up to Cville to visit and eat some Bodo's bagels (just the most delicious bagels EVER!) I insisted on a small photo op of Maeve and Will. May they one day walk the lawn as students too (sorry Andrew!)

Will touching grass for the first time!
Maeve contemplating what it would be like to live on the lawn.
Mommy and Maeve :)
The joy of Charlottesville makes me tingle all over! We head back in September for the wedding of a sorority sister, and I cannot wait to walk the lawn again!

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Meg Foster said...

They are so very UVA-bound! Love the pics and especially love the wonderful memories with you. You're awesome!