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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Missing us?

I got a little note from a friend (thanks Molly) reminding me that people other than my mom and mom-in-law read this little blog.

I will post some pictures of Thanksgiving which was amazing! We had Papaw and Maw (Kenny's grandparents), Uncle Rick and Aunt Cindy (Kenny's side), and my parents for the actual day of Thanksgiving!

(Maw and Kenny)
(Papaw and Uncle Rick)
Kenny attacking the turkey...ew.
He made it wave at me...
My cute parents! (and our Christmas card photographers)
The in-laws, Kenny and Daisy.

Then we had my aunts and uncles from Texas come on down for the next day and spend some time together. It was our first hosting of Thanksgiving. Our first roasting of turkey. AND Daisy's debut with my parents and Kenny's side of the family.

All were a real hit! I married an amazing cook and we got a pretty sweet puppy.

And because I think these are funny...

Dad and I attempting to pose to see how the Christmas card should look. Dad has Daisy's lamb in his hand so he can get her attention when we take the picture. Mom is the professional photog - she did run Cox's newspaper for years. She has major credentials.
Here I was the one that ruined the picture. The wind was blowing - and I am kind of vain about my hair looking good.
Here was the winner. Thanks Mom for being an awesome photographer. Dad thanks for being a fill in model and the one with the squeaky toy.


Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

Y'all are ALL adorable! :) [And yes, I am miss you...]

the bee said...

i WAS missing you, how did you know?

Molly Hammond said...

your ChiOs are very loyal followers! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you got these up! Thanks for the "plug," but I don't think Val will get any competition from me. Anonymous mom

Case and Los said...

I am sad we didn't get one of these. Love the progression. And yes, I am 5 months behind on reading everyone's blogs. My bad.