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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homecoming Parade!

So Texas is much different than the east coast when it comes to Homecoming. In VA, we had a homecoming parade at the high school during half time of the football game. In TX, we have a homecoming parade Monday before the football game. The WHOLE town shows up and participates with floats, cars, etc. HEB had a HUGE motorized shopping cart entered in the parade. The little kids walk in the parade. The high school sports walk in the parade. The churches put floats in the parade. Children wear "mums" all week at school showing their school spirit. It is pretty intense.

As cheer sponsor, it was my first TX parade which was fun mainly because I got to see lots of my students from last year. That is the best reward for teaching is knowing those kids realize how much you have given to them (even the stinkers). They want to show you how they have changed over the summer and how they have improved. When the kid who always goofed off in class comes up to you in a NJROTC uniform with a prideful way of holding himself, I can't help but think, "I had a wee part of that." SUCCESS!

It was fun walking with the girls and showing off their hardwork and seeing how Texas does homecoming!

Here are a few pics from the parade!


Bridgee said...

I've always wondered...if everyone is participating in the parade, who is watching it!?

I really want to see that giant shopping cart.

You tell those girls that your friend who has worked at Abercrombie & Fitch and Under Armour thinks they all look smokin' hot and they should just skip those years of teenage girl body insecurity mmmmkay?

carolyn said...

YUP, TEXAS MARCHES TO THE BEAT OF THE TEXAN DRUM...AND ANYTHING RELATED TO FOOTBALL ( OR CORPORAL PUNISHMENT)...IS A REASON FOR THE WHOLE TOWN TO TURN OUT!!!THANK GOODNESS THAT FOOTBALL IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE HANGING!!...figuratively speaking..of course....It is a BIG DEAL...and a good coming together of the community. Those Kids love it...and good to see them having fun.

msbuchanan said...

Loved your comments. And you are right, what an exciting time homecoming is! Now you have an idea of what it was like growing up in Liberty. The only down side of a parade was if you were behind the horses.