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Monday, March 26, 2012

Where have I been?

Um, well busy with teaching, cheer tryouts, teaching, and not going on part of my spring break trip... :( Weather had other plans for me which did NOT include getting to Baltimore to see friends.

However, I did get to see some special family in ATL during the second part of my week, and I decided to not feel too sorry for myself and met up with other friends and slept MANY hours to make up for my exhaustion.

In ATL, Meg, Andrew, Maeve and Will waited for me to arrive! Maeve had kindly told her class about my travel woes, so when we dropped her off at school, her sweet teachers said that they were glad that I had made it to part of my trip. Also, Maeve had told them that I had cried about not getting to see my friends. Thanks, Maeve.

So here is what we did: hung out, ate frozen yogurt, played, pedicures, saw a plantation house, ate lunch out, snuggled, read books, played, did homework, loved on each other, drank wine (just the adults), stayed up late, went for a run, went to the nature center, and enjoyed being together!

I also got to be the mystery reader at Maeve's preschool class! It was fun to surprise her and read to her classmates who were very sweet!Riding around with Will is always fun :)The plantation was super neat!Picnicing with Will and his "grape eyes"Playing in the garage leads to silliness.The nature center had beavers, butterflies, ducks, and OWLS!Homework is always more fun with bunny ears!

Thanks for a great trip Fosters!


msbuchanan said...

Although it was not the fun you had planned, you look like you had fun! I am so glad that you were all together. Love, Mom

carolyn said...

so sorry all of your plans did not work out, but better safe than sorry! Glad the visit to ATL was fun, those two Foster kiddos are growing up much too look good in bunny ears.

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

I cannot believe how BIG they are!!