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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

So the fact I took any pictures is impressive since we were busy hosting, playing with a 14 month old who decided that you eat reese's mini-eggs with the wrapper, making sure Daisy didn't lick all the chocolate off the poor kid's face, and generally soaking in quality time with good people.

But here is our set up before the fun began!

The traditional Easter Bunny cake with sprinkles on his bowtie this year!The beautiful flowers my parents sent us!Our Easter table set up with pink accents to continue with our decor theme :)

Hope your Easter was filled with blessings and the knowledge that He is Risen!!


msbuchanan said...

A bunny cake EXTRAORDINAIRE! The tradition continues!

carolyn said...

thanks for the picture post. It looks like you were set for a great celebration. The bunny cake is so cute, and we used to have one too when Christine was around to make it, alas this year we had chocolate cake! Looking forward to seeing all of you in May.