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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quotes from school

This is a blog post of "Kids Say the Darndest Thungs"

I never announced to my students that I am pregnant, so now that the baby is making herself known, the kids are having interesting reactions.

"Miss, you're pregnant? I just thought you'd let yourself go!"

Child comes up to me and whispers, "Miss, are your pregnant?"
I respond, "Yes."
Child turns around to her friend and shouts, "I told you!"

Child points to my belly and says, "Is there a baby in there?"
I respond, "we hope!"

"Miss, you're pregnant? My brother is having a baby, too!"
"Really, that is exciting,"
"yeah. He is 16."
Awkward silence.
"Well, I'm sure it will be fun to be an uncle!"

Best response:
One of my best students from two years ago ran up to me and squeezed me, so I said, "Be careful of the baby!"
She screamed and said, "oh my goodness! You are going to be the best mom! You should name her after me!!"

So I guess word is out.

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msbuchanan said...

Pregnancy is so public.