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Sunday, September 16, 2012

September is a busy month

of celebrating!

We have celebrated Meg and Andrew's anniversary, my mom and dad's anniversary, and our anniversary!

And we have celebrated Kenny turning the big 3-0!

Kenny left the day of his birthday to go learn how to be a commercial airline pilot, so we celebrated a little early. We did have a nice dinner with our neighbors the day before.  However, before Kenny left, he did get to have a little lunch.  We lit candles, and Daisy and I sang. 

 Nothing says birthday like a good looking salad... (Cookies were made and consumed, just not photographed).
We will celebrate our anniversary when Kenny returns, but to help me celebrate,  I bought a couple of things for Baby V's room. 
Her room will be grey and yellow with chevron patterns everywhere!  The little owl is a rattle.

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures.  They are from my phone.  Daisy has been really sick the past couple of days (like at the vet every day, got a new bed because of puking all over it, and now we don't have a living room rug anymore kind of sick), so she didn't notice the owls for a couple of days.  Last night, though, she found them and started barking at them. It was a "where did you come from" kind of bark.  Then she ran. 

Hope your September has been great!


msbuchanan said...

And you did not even mention all of the Henry birthdays in September! Yes, it is a busy month, but the best--next to May, of course.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Kenny!