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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

37 weeks!

And I got off bed rest!! Baby Vaughn has been excelling each week and so has her momma. So after 4 weeks on bed rest, we made it to full term and have been released!

Now I am not allowed to get my heart rate up, but I can go to target and walk around or drive myself places! I just can't do anything strenuous like run marathons or hike mountains :)

First up was to target where I walked around so excited to be out and about! My sister can attest to the excitement in my voice as I chatted her ear off about the things I saw...bless her for listening to her babbling sister.

Thank you for all your prayers and love! Now it is just a wait until she makes her debut!

Please excuse the awkward picture. We tried 3 times and this was the best one from the iPad/my photographer. I swear my face looks way way better and is practically back to normal. :)


Pembs said...

Hooray! Of course, I am glad Target was your first stop. :) You look beautiful, and I am so happy you are healthy and well. Much love to you and Kenny and Baby V...can't wait until she makes her appearance!

carolyn said...

So good to see you looking well, and glad you've been sprung ( word?) back in to the real world. Enjoy these last few weeks of carrying baby V around the easy way:),,but admittedly not as sweet as seeing her little self.

Meg, Andrew, Maeve and Will said...

You can call me and talk my ear off from Target any time. I am so excited for you being off bed rest and for Baby V's arrival! Love you!