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Sunday, January 13, 2013

She is here!!!

One week ago, the redskins game started and we were sitting on the couch chatting with our neighbor. I heard a pop and thought, "um, this might be it!" We made our way to the hospital where no one was in a hurry. I guess most first time moms have long labor. Well, I did not. I got hooked up to a monitor and four hours later, Annie arrived! I will spare you the major details but lets just say that I asked for an epidural and barely got a spinal block before I pushed her out. It took the edge off and I told the doctor that I loved her because the pain of progressing that fast was unbearable.

All of the nurses and doctors were amazing and super surprised that I went that fast. (as were kenny and myself!) We had a great stay at the hospital as my post partum nurse was the grandmother of a cheerleader/student of mine. The lactation consultant was the mom of a cheerleader/student of mine. And the woman who wheeled me to the car has a son who was in my advisory class last year. Small world!

This has been the best adventure of our lives bringing little Ann "Annie" Havins Vaughn into the world. She is so sweet and snugly. We are so in love!

Here are some pictures!


Anonymous said...

Whoooo's happy you're here!

All of us

Love Carolyn ( Phil)

Meg, Andrew, Maeve and Will said...

So love Annie!! And the pictures! Great job Team Vaughn! We love you, too!

Bridgee said...

She was in a hurry to see her mama and daddy!! :)