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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

6 months!

This post is a little late because momma got a little emotional with the 6 month birthday. I cannot believe she is half a year old. I spent so much time wishing her to be able to sleep longer stretches so I would feel human and never believing that would ever happen. Now we are there and it's just insane!

We have spent this past month keeping ourselves busy by going to the beach, the pool, target, and stroller strides which is a workout class for mommies. Annie loves the water and will float on her back for a little before realizing her head is damp. She has changed so much this month and has just the sweetest disposition. She is rather attached to momma, but as the pediatrician said, "It won't last forever."

What Annie is up to:
- rolling over from tummy to back
- laughing lots
- being ticklish
- trying to sit up on her own
- saying "momma"
- eating rice cereal, green beans, pears, bananas, prunes and loving them (daisy is also loving them as she licks Annie any chance she gets)
- taking two naps
- sleeping 10 hours at night
- grabbing smaller toys
- enjoying books - especially "Good Night Moon"
- screaming at church (we are taking a brief hiatus to let mom relax about the whole thing)
- eating her toes
- grabbing for daisy
- grabbing mom's hair
- snuggling her owl lovey
- giving kisses to daddy and mommy
- doesn't want anyone else to hold her but mom

These six months have been amazing, stressful, full of learning, but filled with lots of love. When I walk in her room and she gives me a huge smile that lights up her whole face and kicks her legs and wiggles her arms, what more could you want? She has certainly blessed us!

Grabbing for Daisy
Napping with owl (she moves lots in crib! This is her swinging herself 90 degrees)
Hanging out nakey

Practicing sitting up
Keeping it classy at all times 

Thanks for all of you who have loved and supported us especially my mom and sister who kept telling me that it would get easier even if I didn't believe you at the time!


Sarah said...

She looks SO much like both of you. Beautiful baby, lovely momma. :)

carolyn said...

What a precious 6 month old who makes my heart smile each time I look at her photos! Love you all!

Meg, Andrew, Maeve and Will said...

You're an amazing mommy, and Annie is an equally amazing baby! It does get easier. That's why you have the 2nd kid, because it gets easier and then you have amnesia :). Love you!

Bridgee said...

Can you record a video of her saying momma?? I want to hear it!