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Saturday, July 13, 2013


I had lunch today with my 11th grade homecoming date and his wife. (And Annie, of course). The fact that 11 years after I graduated from high school and 12 years since he asked me at a cross country meet having never spoken to me before (my response was "I'll have to check my schedule") is reassuring that you will run into people again and you can reconnect.

 I am having one of those days that Navy wives and anyone who moves can relate to. I miss my friends. I miss the community I built back in Texas as small as it was. (The group, not Texas). I miss that crazy job that connected me with kids who desperately needed someone to set boundaries and expectations. I just am missing my buds. Those people who send you random emails at work that get you through the day and who bring you coffee because its Tuesday. Or who take off work so you aren't alone with a newborn or who leave their child's birthday party to come hug you good bye. Meaningful friendships are an important part of life and make life so much sweeter. But damn does it hurt when you have time to miss them. 

So sitting across from a guy I have known for 12 years and who used to drive me around in his gold corvette, I was comforted by the thought that I might be sitting across from many of my sweet friends in the years to come. You never know when and where those paths might cross. And if you are really lucky during this reunion of friends, your child will suck on your arm so loudly and for so long that she interrupts conversations and leaves a large hickey. But only if you are truly lucky. 

Cue awkward 11th grade homecoming pic, mom.... 

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Bridgee said...

xoxo. i miss you! and annie who i haven't met but i know i miss her!