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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Trip to the great state of TEXAS!

So mom and I have made it to Virginia after a lovely trip to Texas where were busy busy visiting with family. mom and I arrived on Wednesday and the Fosters arrived on Friday.
Here is my gorgeous cousin, Emmie and my adorable nephew Will! Notice his precious outfit!

Here is my great aunt Dorothy and her son Tommy at what we know as Camp or a house on the bayou!
Here is Maeve-rini in her Grandmother made sailboat dress! She enjoyed "Camping" and wanted to go back!
Here is Grandmother and her Will. Notice his matching outfit to Maeve's. Grandmother is a rockstar!
This is the NINE month outfit that I bought my FOUR month old nephew. It is oh so very UVA prep :)
My "little" Emmie who is the sweetest, coolest, most fun 16 year old I know! And it helps that we are both the baby of our families :)
Here is my 19 year old cousin Will (confusing, yes - Will the nephew is chubby and 4 months, Will the cousin is tall, skinny and much older). Both are sweet as pie. When THIS Will was little (and so was I), I wanted to marry him because I thought he was just soooo cute. Still is, but incest is gross. Plus I found a hottie :)
And here is Lindsay, my 24 year old cousin who is making OUR Grandmother proud by following in her footsteps by being a Liberty Math teacher! However, if her boyfriend joins the family, he might want to brush up on his photo skills :)
Lindsay and her boyfriend Lance...
The Henrys: Aunt Cindy, Uncle Paul, and my mom (Susan)
Thanks to our Texas family for a fun visit! I am off to Charlottesville for a wedding of a first year hallmate of mine! I am excited to get to walk the lawn and to see the Rotunda! Oh sweet UVA!

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Anonymous said...

I am always so reluctant to leave a comment...figure I'll mess it up some way! Anyway, it is so impressive that your family does this once a year reunion. My (Valerio side) only did it once and it was well timed since that was the year that my MOm died, but wow, you make this happen every year. I thought it was just you and your Mom, but now I understand it is the whole clan. Great job. See you in July.