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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little more skiing

Last Friday, I embarked on an adventure with some of my school (8 students as opposed to 16). We went skiing at Mt. Baker! Now I have skied with Kenny, but never have I had to rent my skis, get my lift ticket, drive up the mountain on my own, or be responsible for others! It ended up all working out fine especially since the mountain was practically empty! I even went down a couple of runs I have never done on Mt. Baker with the assistance of one of my students, Kalissa. The best part (other than conquering the BIG run twice!) was getting to hang out with two of my favorite students and spend some major QT with them. It will certainly be hard to leave them at the end of this year, but I will certainly look back fondly on our ski day together!

Mary and Kalissa, my skiing buddies (and US History students and NHS members)

Posing at the top of the mountain!
Kalissa and I after going down the BIG run! She was so kind to go down first and wait for me so I could tell where to go. She was awesome!Never did I think that I could go skiing all on my own and be the responsible adult, but I did! I guess I really am growing up :)

More to come on the NHS inductions!


the bee said...

love your new background!

Anonymous said...

so glad to see pictures of the good day. In your wildest dreams would you have envisioned yourself as being the "head ski person". Glad you had a good field trip and had a chance to share in some fun with the students that you obviously care about! That's the joyful aspect of being a teacher. Take care..stay healthy. Carolyn