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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Trip Out East for Christmas!

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Vaughns!

Kenny made his way east a little bit earlier than I did, so he got to spend a little extra time with his parents and sister. Then I arrived on the 18th RIGHT before the HUGE blizzard on the east coast. We were supposed to make our way to NYC on the 19th; however, with the snow, we decided to stay home and watch the Duke basketball game on the television. I wish I had taken pictures of the snow, but alas, we did not. We did go trek in it, shovel it, snow angel in it, make a snowman in it, and throw snowballs, but no pictures... In MD, we got around 2 feet of snow!

Then Kenny and I headed down to Virginia Beach on the 21st to hang out with the Buchanans and Fosters. We got in some great time with the niece and nephew and they plum wore us out!
Grandmother and Maeve making biscuits for Christmas Day breakfast!
William wanted some biscuits too!
Uncle Kenny and Aunt Molly before 9pm services. We stole this little guy for the picture. His cute outfit was courtesy of Grandmother!
We celebrated Christmas morning in VB, and then headed to MD to celebrate Christmas up there!

Happy first Christmas William!
Aunt Molly and some of her favorite munchkins! (Maeve is wearing her princess costume)
Uncle Kenny got a headlamp! (We are both wearing our onesie pjs!)
Someone is overwhelmed with his cuteness in his first Christmas bib...
In Maryland opening our stockings!
The Vaughns!
The Ladies!
I even got to have some of my best friends from college and undergrad gather to catch up!
(Top: Bridgee and me, Bottom: Lizzy, Jan, Bri, and Julia)

After much celebrating, Kenny left on the 28th to head back to WA, and I headed south to Richmond to spend some more time with the Fosters and Buchanans. I got to spend an entire day with Meg and my mom shopping! We had a great time, and then it was time to make my way back west. It was a great holiday season, and now we are gearing up for all the changes in 2010!

Hope you all are having a great start to the 2010!


the bee said...

yay, thanks for posting the picture! it was so good to see you, two hugs and all. glad to hear you made it back safe and sound. miss you already!

Anonymous said...

glad to see your posting about Christmas 2009.....not enough space or words to really describe the memorable event.....but just glad that the two of you were here to make it a very memorable and happy holiday. I will be VERY CAREFUL about wanting a White Christmas!! Love to you both

Beth said...

Looks like fun!! So glad y'all got to spend the holiday with the ones you love...all that snow sounds crazy! I'm thinking Corpus may never be able to give you a single flake, but they've got plenty of sun and sand!! :)

Bridgee said...

wow, you have REALLY attractive friends. ;)