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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What we do to torture, I mean improve ourselves

Is we run things like the Beach to Bay Marathon relay. And we run in late May in 100% humidity and it is 90+ degrees outside.

To say that I nearly died is an understatement. Kenny ran the 5th leg which was 4.1 miles and finished some time around 10:20.

I ran the 6th (final) leg (of a different team) which was 4.89 miles and didn't start running until shortly after 11am. It was a miserable 4.89 miles. Had a 17 year old not run with me telling me to breath and that I could keep going, I might have whipped my cellphone out of my ziploc bag and called Kenny to come get me. When I did finally get to the last quarter mile, Kenny had found me and offered to run in with me. He asked me if I wanted him to go to the car or to run to the finish line with me. If he had not finished with me, I think I would have been the hysterical person who cries after finishes a race and collapses requiring the announcer to say over the loud speaker, "First aid and water on the right."

This is NOT how I looked crossing. And, add about 3 hours of time to that finish time!

It definitely took a while to recover. And bless Kenny's heart for not only cheering me on, but also not scolding me for not training or not getting an inhaler before the race. Let's just say that I was so pooped afterwards that not only could I not really walk, but I couldn't even enjoy my two free Miller Lite's. What a bummer! At least I can check it off my list of things to do in Corpus. Now I never have to do it again!


The Hudock Family said...

So impressed... glad you made it ok!! =)

msbuchanan said...

That which does not kill us (but comes very close) makes us stronger (and wiser or both).

cvaughn said...

okay, the lovely person that you are....kenny marches in at he last minute to save and encourage you. It doesn't get any better than that...except if you had marched in to save and encourage him! But there will come a day when that is just what will be needed, Continue to love and support each other. My hat is off to both of you since I feel like a walk up the street is a major!