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Monday, May 30, 2011

Today I turn 27

And last night I fell asleep mid-conversation with a friend because I was so tired.

What a precious friend to let me do it the first time and did not say anything because I didn't even realize it. Then the second time, we both busted out laughing, and she gathered up the rest of the guests at my bday bbq and ushered them out the door.

Mom, don't worry. I will never be wild and crazy because I will always fall asleep before the wild and crazy time happens.

The best part is. This is the second time this has happened to me this year. Note to self. If you come to the Vaughns, leave before 11pm because there is no guarantee that I won't fall asleep mid-conversation on you.


Beth said...

You are such a party animal! :) Happy Birthday sweet girl!! Glad y'all had a BBQ and hope you have an awesome day! Love you mucho!!

cvaughn said...

zzzzzzzzz, I've done it the midst of a telephone conversation with G & M....hey when we are tired we are TIRED!