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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The couch- update

So I am by NO means a decorator. My mom so kindly got me a decorating book before we bought this house. Little suggestion, mom? eh? ;) I have used it for rug sizing, color schemes, etc.

Now I showed you a picture of the couch that we just bought which we LOVE. Whoever invented the chaise lounge should be given a special place in heaven, for the short-legged people out there rejoice for having a place to rest our legs when the feet don't touch when sitting.

The only thing we did NOT love about the couch were the uber ugly throw pillows that came with it. We are talking ugly 70s fabric.

So with the help of a good friend and her sewing machine, I removed the ugly covers (don't be too impressed, they had zippers), and we created a new covering for the pillows! I am deviating a little from my green and brown color scheme that has dominated our home, so I hope you like.
I also just purchased a Daisy-like rug that I hope she will like/not destroy to put under the coffee table. We are thinking of getting another (remember the whole decorating book with sizing of rugs). I just wanted to make sure we liked the look of it/Daisy didn't destroy it.
(please note swishing tail in left area, that is Daisy happy to be reunited with her long lost friend, the rug).
I think it looks pretty good, but hey, what do I know?


carolyn said...

love love the cushions, you are such a suzy homemaker! The couch really fits the living room space quite nicely. Enjoy!

msbuchanan said...

I love the pillows--now that I can see the material up close. I do like the rug, but more importantly, Daisy likes the rug.