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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kenny's Bday Celebration

A little late on this post, but better late than never.

Kenny's birthday fell on a Friday, so we went out to a steak house and then had funfetti cake (a Kenny Vaughn fave).

And what Kenny had really wanted was a Beer-rita. A man with simple needs. Beer-rita and big screen.

The next night we had a couple of friends over to watch on the big screen and drink more beer-ritas and celebrate Kenny's natal day!

Hope year 29 is a great year, my love!!


The Hudock Family said...

Happy birthday Kenny... we love funfetti too!!

carolyn said...

always happy to see that you have perfected the way to have a good time......oh stomach churns a bit at the idea of combining beer and and margarita.....good pictures though, maybe I will try it some day...or maybe not! Happy B day.

msbuchanan said...

I don't understand a "beer-ita", but if it is as
Carolyn says, YUK. But "to each his own." I know it was a special day for Kenny. Love, Mom