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Friday, September 30, 2011

A virtual tour of my classroom.

I am by no means a good "bulletin board maker." I am not an elementary school teacher for many reasons and that is one of them. I cannot make a good bulletin board since I am not super creative. Thank goodness for whoever decided that they should put together posters kits and cut outs of the Lincoln Memorial and fake copies of the Declaration of Independence. I love you.

This year, I did a little more than last year especially since my lovely mother had picked me up posters along the way of her travels. (Thanks mom!)

So here are some pictures of my room (before the kids start to destroy it and we have to cover parts/take down for testing).

My room as you walk in to the haven of learning :)This year I learned that you can write on bulletin board paper! (Why I didn't realize this earlier, I have no idea).The front of the classroom with todays assignment: People of the Revolution including my boyfriend, TJ.My nook/desk area with a picture of my boyfriend next to my desk. The timeline on my walls! Begins with the 13 colonies (which are divided by region to help students remember New England, Middle, and Southern) and the American Revolution timeline.Then my welcoming Uncle Sam so that kids remember my name and don't just say, "MISS!"Next part of the timeline: Declaration of Independence (by my boyfriend) and then making our government with a Constitution!Then the idea of Westward Expansion and the Civil War which ends our class!

Thanks Momma B for all the fabulous additions to my room this year and keeping me looking cool since Bulletin Boards are not my thing.

Hope you enjoyed a little tour of 612.


carolyn said...

wow, looks like a nice 'print rich and picture rich classroom'. It gets this elementary ( and bulletin board hater's...I only do them once and keep them up all year)approval. I hope your year is progressing nicely.

The Hudock Family said...

I'm loving the UVA banner, nice touch! No orders yet for us, but hopefully things will come together soon. Tell TJ I say 'hi'!

msbuchanan said...

Awesome room! Who could not want to learn coming into this haven of learning!!! Good job! Glad my posters went to a good home. Love, Mom

Kenny said...

TJ? Boyfriend? You do realize that I built a gate for our fence with my own bare hands... right? And cooked you dinner that night...

TJ didn't even know how to fly an airplane! (to my knowledge)