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Monday, September 5, 2011

Kenny's Birthday Present!

is a HUGE TV! Boys get excited about watching football on a big screen. I am excited to get Netflix and watch endless hours of Modern Family! (And eventually Jon Hamm on Mad Men whenever it comes back on!)(Kenny and I miss you Don Draper. Come back!)

I told him that there was a letter from the insurance company that I needed him to look at right away when he got home from his cross country. Little did he know that a 60 inch television would greet him!

One happy boy!
Happy 29th Birthday (on Friday) Kenneth Warren Vaughn!! Thanks for being born, so I could be your wife!


Meg Foster said...

Oh my gracious that is one GINORMOUS TV set. The kids will be so thrilled to watch Cars Cars and Dora on that -- can we hide it from Andrew?! I love the look of glee on Kenny's face. :) Hugs!

carolyn said...

oooh, that Kenny he one lucky guy or what! I am glad that I gave birth to him so he could marry you! ( and enjoy the TV of his dreams)

Beth said...

You go girl!! You know the way straight to a man's heart! He looks so happy! :)

msbuchanan said...

The look on his face is priceless! What joy! How lucky he is to have a wife that knows what is important in this life. (Can we come for March madness...)

Anonymous said...

Guess we better send don draper back to tx!