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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I have not had a real, live Christmas tree since I think I was five. My daddy used to say too many curse words when he put up the tree, so no real tree for us. Last year, Kenny was gone for the holidays, so we did not really decorate or even get a tree. This year I was pretty much as excited as all of the kids at the Christmas tree farm about getting my very own LIVE Christmas tree! We went to the local Christmas tree farm that even had goats you could pet and a Santa! We walked around looking for the perfect tree. Having never picked out a tree before, I wasn't sure what type was the "best" tree. However, I quickly figured out what type of tree I wanted. Of course it was the most expensive type. I have impeccable taste :)

So here we are looking around (notice my new hat that Kenny says I wear too much).
Here is OUR tree! The beautiful noble fir tree.
We quickly got to decorating, and it was a real treat to have someone to decorate with since normally I am the one who decorates at my parents' house.
Here is our finished tree.
And a little treat for the Chi Omegas. Momma B found the cutest little owl ornaments and they are perfect on our tree and remind me of all my sistas :)
Then we were off to the tacky Christmas sweater party hosted by our friends, the Smiths. We had a great time in our ugly sweaters and especially with Kenny's rocking 101 dalmatian vest.
Early Merry Christmas to all! Hope you all have a lovely holiday season!

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Beth said...

Aren't y'all just the cutest! Love the tree, sorry we missed the sweater fiesta, looked like fun! :) The vest was by far my it!