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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A little Good Friday...(x 2)

I got the pleasure of attending two Good Friday services. The first was with my students and the entire student body of Oak Harbor Christian School and many of their parents. The students put on the service which included singing, playing guitars, and scripture readings. I had been approached on Monday to see if I was interested in being Mary, mother of Jesus during the service. Well, one does not say no to the principal of one's school. So I put on my big girl pants and did it. I had to write my own script and wear a costume. I "performed" as Mary watching her son being crucified after the man who was Peter and before the man who was the Centurion. I was brief in my remarks as I would think any woman watching her son be nailed to a cross would be, and to be honest, I thought this was going to be a painful and awful experience. It really wasn't terrible. My heart did beat like crazy before I got up there in front of everyone, but it was so neat to be with my kids and to share that experience with them. Also, a huge thank you to Momma B for forcing me to not only write speeches in forensics but for also forcing me to continue in public speaking. This was an awesome service especially since I have not necessarily felt like I "fit in" with the school's views. I felt like I was where I was supposed to be. I was showing my students that women can be strong, women can be leaders, women can be fearless, and women can love God. I also hope that I showed them that we can come from different places but all agree that God is love and loves us all because we are His. So after a surprisingly uplifting and warm-fuzzy feeling afternoon, I headed home to scoop up my hubby to head to our church's service.

We headed to Christ Church for the "prayer around the cross" service which was a taize service that included scripture readings, prayer, lighting of candles, and taize music. It was pretty moving. Kenny had never been to such a service, so it was a great way to end Good Friday services with experiencing this powerful night with the husband.

Then, the best part was that we got to go on a date to this yummy Italian restaruant called Il Posto. A good glass of wine, a delicious meal, scrumptious tiramasu (sp?) and great company equaled the best Good Friday!

More to come on our Easter Linner!


Beth said...

Loved Loved Loved the linner...thank you so much! Glad your experience as Mary was such a positive one...I love the effort and passion you put into your job!! :)

Bridgee said...

just poking you! hello!

love catching up on your posts! think you are super brave to have played Mary - I would have been really nervous! good for you!