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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We have not fallen off the face of the earth...

but we are house sitting and dog sitting on Fidalgo Island which is the island just north of us. I would say, "Oh it is soooo far from our home," but really it is just about 15 minutes from our home. It just feels so long because we have to drive down the two-lane highway all the way up the end of Whidbey and cross over deception pass. However, what is waiting for us when we get to the house is the sweetest puppy I have ever met. I have never had a pet unless you count a goldfish from the fair, so for me to say that she is super sweet, well that means she is SUPER sweet.

Here she is:

This little pup is a labradoodle and her name is Maya. She and I have become best buds. We have gone for walks, played fetch, taken a ride in Kenny's truck, chased after rabbits (okay, only Maya did that but she dragged me along), and snuggled on the couch. Thankfully, Maya does NOT lick faces because then we would not be best buds. I have decided though that I am not ready for the full-time committment of a doggie because I feel so incredibly guilty for leaving her at home. She lives in a swanky home with heated floors, so really she is pretty darn lucky for not having to be outside in the DREARY Pacific Northwest weather, but I still feel guilty. It's those darn puppy eyes...they get me every time!

Now for a little update on the rest of our lives... I am on spring break and barely getting anything done (the puppy is eyeing me again...I better hurry up on this). Kenny and I added me to his Sprint plan. We are officially married now. :) We have also gone skiing at Steven's Pass which was beautiful and so much fun. I am finally conquering the bigger/harder trails! Kenny has been working his hiny off attempting to get every pre-req done for his instructor pilot training that starts the Monday after Easter. Though this is good, Maya misses him. Those puppy eyes again... The moment he walks in, she is next to him wagging her tail and licking his flight suit.

Well the puppy eyes are staring, so I am off to snuggle and pray that the rain goes away so we can go walking! We definitely need a good rabbit chase today!

ps. Maya's parents are in Cabo where it is 80 and sunny today... just a wee bit jealous...

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Beth said...

We can't wait to meet Maya...Carter will give you a little break and give her LOT's of attention I'm sure! :) See you soon! p.s. do you think anyone would miss us if we up and dissapeared? cabo sounds amazing!!