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Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Linner!

After much deliberation, Kenny and I decided to host an Easter Linner at our house this year. We hosted such an event last year with my sister and fam in tow, but this year we needed to surround ourselves with friends who are like family since we didn't have any family to celebrate with!

So we sent out the invites and crossed our fingers that people would want to come... Luckily most said yes! We cooked some yummy green beans and rolls and prepped the prime rib which our friends cooked for us so we could go celebrate Jesus. Then everyone else brought yummy sides from deviled eggs, to potato salad, to corn pudding, to broccoli casserole, to mac and cheese. It was DELICIOUS! I even made the Buchanan traditional Bunny Cake...
My favorite part that barely anyone touched (which was understandable because there was SO much food and I didn't mind because it is my FAVORITE part of any meal) is....Lip-smacking good. My mom even sent me the can that she had bought for Christmas that we hadn't gotten a chance to eat. (The expiration date was still many months off, I promise.)

My sister also sent us lovely tulips to make our house festive and spring-like on Easter! It was a lovely day filled with friends and food. Thanks to all who made the day brighter and filled it with love!Kenny even got a little QT with two cute little ladies. :) We might have left him upstairs with the two of them for a while...Thanks Maeve for training him!
May the joy and hope of Easter brighten your day!


Bridgee said...

That cake is so cute and creative! Love it!

Bridgee said...

And PS I have that same UVA plate! Love that too ;)